Russia. Alexei Navalny describes ill health. He is in severe pain

“Khodorkovsky, who was in prison for 10 years, told me: the most important thing is not to get sick. Nobody will treat you. If you get seriously ill, you die” – reads the comment on Navalny’s Instagram.

After this introduction, Navalny wrote that he had severe back pain, which he had not talked about until now, because “it is unpleasant, but not fatal – it can be cured”. However, he added that he is now not receiving treatment, although he reports to prison authorities every day that he is in severe pain. These in turn “accept complaints, but do nothing”.

As Navalny reports, he is now getting out of bed with a lot of pain and difficulty and has problems with his right leg, where he loses feeling. If you lean on it, you could fall. “It’s a bit annoying,” Navalny admitted, noting that he “wouldn’t want to part with” his right leg.

“On the other hand, if life brings you lemons, make lemonade out of them,” he added. He went on to describe how he imagines that he will walk with a cane, “with a sharp knife hidden, of course,” or, like pirates, with a wooden leg.

“I just don’t know where to get the parrot that the pirates carry on their shoulder. Maybe it will fly over our ‘wife’, then I’ll catch one” – wrote Navalny.

His colleagues first inquired about the health problems that started with the opposition activist in the detention center and penal colony. Lawyers who saw him on Thursday warned his condition was “extremely unfavorable”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin has not followed the health reports of an opposition activist and that the matter falls under the remit of prison services.

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