San Marino, August 18, 2023 – It is with great excitement that we announce the special collaboration between the San Marino International Magic Festival and San Marino Comics. In an incredible synergy between two of the most famous events in the Republic of San Marino, lovers of magic and entertainment will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of spells, illusions and entertainment. This year’s edition of San Marino Comics, scheduled for August 25-27, will be enhanced by the presence of acclaimed illusionists Gabriel and Magica Gilly. After their great success in the previous version, they return as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, the famous characters from the wizarding world. This exciting performance will be a real feast for the eyes and hearts of all participants. A particularly exciting aspect of this partnership is the opportunity for all visitors to learn some of the greatest magic tricks for free. With educational sessions led by Gabriel and Magica Gilly themselves, magic enthusiasts will have the chance to discover the secrets behind the illusions that have mesmerized audiences around the world. The collaboration between San Marino Comics and the San Marino International Magic Festival represents a deep bond between two events of extraordinary importance. The International Festival of Magic, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary from March 15 to 17, has become an entertainment mainstay in San Marino’s cultural panorama. This historic event stands out as the longest running event in the tiny Republic and will continue to enchant audiences with magical performances, workshops and moments of pure wonder. Alessandra Massi, Press Officer of the San Marino International Festival of Magic, commented: “This collaboration represents a step forward in taking the art of magic to new heights. We are thrilled to be working with San Marino Comics to create a unforgettable experience for all participants.” Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this magical synergy between the San Marino International Magic Festival and San Marino Comics. Mark the dates – from 25 to 27 August – for a weekend of glamour, fun and unparalleled fun.

For more information and details about the events, we invite you to visit the official websites of both events:

Official website of the San Marino International Festival of Magic

Official website of San Marino Comics

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