Sävehof boss resigns – after sexual conversation

IK Savehof. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN

A young frontman from IK Sävehof has chosen to leave the club after it was revealed he had had sexual conversations with a minor.

– It will be like a shock, a thunderclap, says Sävehof club manager Stefan Albrechtson generalist.

At the end of July, one of Sävehof’s youth workers contacted the club and told them that he had had a sexual conversation with someone who claimed to be 14 years old. The manager has voluntarily chosen to end his coaching role at the club.

When the leader was hanged on the internet, Sävehof chose to publish information about the incident on the website.

“Regardless of whether or not criminality appears in the incident, we completely distance ourselves from what happened. A totally unacceptable act,” writes Sävehof. the website.

The reason the club chose not to say whether it happened directly is partly because they didn’t want to create a workout against the former manager.

– Although we understand that something very serious has happened, we cannot drive and push in the association and risk untruths when we do not know exactly what happened, says Albrechtson to generalist.

Albrechtson describes the information as shocking and a blow for the club.

– It’s damn heavy for a lot of people. This is a completely unacceptable event that is not worthy of our club, says Albrechtson generalist.

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