SCHEGGE by Antonio Carlo Ponti

© is by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Alessandro Gnocchi, journalist and writer, “steals” it and gives it the title of his freshly printed book: The top scorer is always the best poet of the year, Baldini + CastoldiPoetry is never “easy” if it is not descriptive, so PPP virtual thinking requires an explanation, for those who do not know (or hate) football, twenty-two young men in lingerie chasing a leather ball. PPP meant that football (sport is a big word) is much more, it is a vision of the world (everything I know about life I learned while playing writes Albert Camus a promising goalkeeper), a social phenomenon, a central part of reality ( vandals, racists, eager followers are out, even if the club criticizes them for low opportunism).

Alessandro’s book, which is purely cultured entertainment and I also recommend it to those anti-snobbery thinkers, has a subtitle that dissolves its meaning and purpose: Football and literature, and says that it is beautiful and honest (as every area of ​​real life has its dark holes) if it is about a large number of writers and poets
Osvaldo Soriano, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán are coming (Center forward killed at night), Eduardo Galeano, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Mario Luzi sing To the champions of Torino who died in the Superga and Uberto Samba and the loneliness of the goalkeeper, and Franco Acitelli and the loneliness of the right wing, and Gayo Frattini, Enio Flayano, Gianni Brera, Giorgio Caproni, Vittorio Sereni, Giovanni Allani and others. But the word literature includes cinema and songs (Venditti, Ligabue, De Gregori …), so that Alessandro’s golden book is among the truly useful books, which open horizons, driven by faith and ability, by a sincere selfless service spirit. . The

Oh, so many fans who are not used to reading read it, for whom the book is taboo and hostile, accustomed to chatting on private televisions, chatting (as polite and in his own way and concentrating and incorporating) in bars, after the rituals and myths of in-and-out games, frequent lessons of fatherhood and love for his father, and here Alessandro translates the magic of a tender poem by Giovanni Raboni, a man who has translated the entire Recherche by Marcel Proust: “We went to the pitch early, / we did not want to lose / the game before the game. / On the field, the same to confuse them / in real players, the boys / of the teams named spring … “, proving how a seemingly futile or unnecessary book according to the rule of elite or specialized culture, is excluded by most , for value in itself, ontological, to fit into the non-fiction that travels in the first category.

A book that is a quick review and a “sketch” or vice versa, and I hope it will be read, with a breath or rather a slow foot so that it does not end and maybe I can read it again in a few years. Well, that Jacques Derrida was a good center forward (what Roberto Mancini lacks with a lot of dollars abroad, and who does not like my Gallo Bellotti) and Martin Heidegger on the left, is really weird and good news. Osvaldo Soriano scored many goals. The game of football, its essence, is to score, which is why the first scorer is a poet and his goalkeeper a prophet.

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