School year abroad: Asti students around the world

On Sunday, May 22, more than 50 students will meet at Resistance Park to participate in a day dedicated to international mobility, through an original and exciting “urban game”.

A term, a semester or a school year abroad on the desks of a high school abroad or in front of the board of a foreign school: this is the adventure chosen by more than 50 students from Asti who decided to start withHigh school program sponsored by WEPwhich allows girls and boys in the fourth grade to attend a school in another country, hosted by a local family.

To better prepare for the upcoming adventure, participating students will gather on Sunday, May 22, starting at 10, at the Parco della Resistenza, which will be the check-in area from whereurban game WEP Challenge: boys and girls – divided into groups – will move around the city and will be able to test themselves with challenges and games. A method chosen to encourage dialogue between peers, making dialogue and exchange immediate and effective. Information, knowledge and curiosity about the host countries will coexist with the playful activities in which WEP friends, students who have already had experience abroad, will also participate.

An entire day dedicated to international mobility with content, challenges and ad hoc paths to get to know – through the game – the culture, traditions and jokes of foreign countries that will host Asty high school students. Each challenge aims to develop a learning area, such as: a creative test to show the city’s artistic heritage and children’s communication skills that should reproduce a “live” postcard photographed by a stranger. a test of speed, logic and problem solving to solve unexpected events. a test of multiculturalism by interviewing an ethnic restaurant to get a recipe for a typical dish.

WEP staff will be personally involved in monitoring all students throughout the city, until they return to the meeting point for the award ceremony. A look at the data, compared to the previous year, confirms the great interest in the English-speaking countries: the United Kingdom in high growth (+ 51%), testifying to the fact that Brexit does not
negative consequences, a few more bureaucratic steps. Overall, the United Kingdom, Ireland (+ 45%) and Canada (+ 28%) offset the decline in US availability – which after two years of pandemic reduced visa issuance – as well as uncertainty about its opening Australia. and New Zealand. These two countries welcome students back for the first time in two years. Note the interest for Spain (+ 61%) and also for French-speaking Canada, according to the obviously growing interest in French (France + 28%, Belgium + 50%).

Roberta Casadidio, Director of WEP School Programs: “Finally this year we can see the boys again, we will go to 15 Italian cities, the groups are too many and, overall, it will be the biggest event ever. Although it is a mobility experience, the school year abroad during high school was not affected by the pandemic, it seems that children have an even greater desire to discover the world and try themselves with a life experience that will allow them to learn a lot about themselves. “Training before departure is a very exciting moment because it is the last step before the actual departure, it will also be exciting for the staff because direct interaction with the children is one of the most beautiful aspects of our work.”

The Challenge is part of the Orientation WEP, the pre-departure training course for the boys that will take off this summer. It will include 15 cities across Italy, 2,000 children, 70 staff and many WEP friends. In addition to participating in the event, students will also participate in training on the WEP Campus, an online platform described in a structured stage route to experience together every aspect of the adventure they are preparing to live abroad.

The WEP Challenge, the event that took place on May 22, will take place simultaneously in Milan, Turin, Asti, Brescia, Lecco, Trento, Treviso, Varese, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Ancona, Bari, Catania, Cagliari and will be full , games, fun for hundreds of boys and girls in groups.

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