Silent mode on iOS and Android

Not only friend notifications but also push notifications about world events can always trigger stress. The phone continues to vibrate or flash. We will explain how to press the pause button and put your smartphone in sleep mode.

A bust symbolizing sleep mode.

How to enable rest mode on Android and iOS.

Your smartphone is with you every day – all the time. It not only serves as a camera and communication device, but also helps you to orient yourself in cities and the like or to quickly supply yourself with new acquaintances. But this constant availability can also be disruptive and ultimately trigger nervousness and stress. Above all, the visual and acoustic performance of the smartphone as soon as a call or notification arrives can permanently distract you from work, a conversation or sleep. It’s not for nothing that there are silent and do not disturb modes for Android and iOS. But how do you activate sleep mode on your mobile phone?

While the former simply silences the cell phone, the latter offers a lot more control options. You can set the rest phases with your Android mobile phone or your iPhone quickly and easily.

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Silent mode on Android: how to lock down the world

Since Android 5 Lollipop, Do Not Disturb mode can be found in the settings under “Sounds and vibrations” of every Android smartphone. This also applies to the two current versions of Android 12 and Android 13. Accordingly, the setting is not only clearly visible in the menu, but can also be activated. If you want to save yourself the detour via settings, you can also pin sleep mode to the quick menu. A swipe down on the home screen is enough to activate the mode there.

There are several ways to use Do Not Disturb mode. On the one hand, you can graphically and acoustically disable your smartphone so that you do not notice notifications without looking at the device. However, the alarm clock continues to ring as usual, which makes the “basic version” particularly suitable at night. Alternatively, you can also activate and deactivate sleep mode on a scheduled basis. This way your smartphone locks down the world for a period of time that you specify by not showing messages.

Allow critical interrupts on Android

If you always want certain people to be able to reach you at any time of the day or night, you can set interruptions. You can choose to receive calls and messages even if do not disturb mode is activated. You can choose between “All”, “Contacts only” and “Favorites”. Also, under Repeat calls, you can allow the phone to ring if someone calls again within 15 minutes.

On Android, notifications are also divided into several groups: alarms, reminders and events, messages and calls. For each type of notification, you can define what should be muted.

Intelligently bind sleep mode

The “do not disturb” option also works with the calendar if desired. This allows you to set an event rule that mute the phone during certain appointments – for example those you have confirmed in your calendar.

Sleep mode can be turned off via quick settings or by pressing the volume down button and then tapping “End now”.

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Do Not Disturb on iOS: Silent iPhone

Snooze mode works similarly with Apple. On your iPhone or iPad, you can also find the “Do Not Disturb” feature in the settings or alternatively in the quick menu. You can find the latter by swiping down from the top right on current iPhones. Apple symbolizes the mode as a crescent moon, which also appears in the iPhone’s status bar when activated.

You can set different settings on iOS for how you want to use sleep mode: manually and automatically. If you set the mode to your liking, i.e. manually, notifications and calls will be silenced as a direct result. If you don’t want to be disturbed at a certain time of day, you can also set a scheduled rest period. It activates automatically.

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Customize sleep mode

There are many other settings in the menu that you can use to tailor sleep mode to your needs. For example, you can allow calls from specific people. If an unapproved contact calls a second time within three minutes, the call can be routed by enabling the Repeat Calls option.

  • Advice: Do not disturb mode can also be activated via Siri. To do this, call the language assistant and ask him to activate the mode.

Additionally, Apple lets you name different modes and determine “if, then” cases. For example, you can activate “bedtime” so that the screen does not light up and calls and notifications are muted during this time. The “driving time” mode, available since iOS 11, is also practical. If you activate the cover as soon as you’re in the car, your iPhone or iPad won’t report any new messages, so you won’t be distracted. You can find “Driving time” in your settings under “Customize controls”.

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