Singer Igor Timko from No Name: Pastors also quotes from our lyrics

This year it celebrates twenty-five years of existence. Created on August 26, 1996. Singer Igor Timko answered questions.

When you started the band, did you intend to keep it that long?

Above all, we wanted to be the best band in the world, we did not think how long they would last. We had a few years to play at weddings, parties and similar events and we wanted to do what we like, at a higher level, preferably professionally. We longed for a musical life. I believe that our enthusiasm at that time has not changed and remains the same.

Of course, we will not stop the years to come, we will not be refreshed. When I sang You and Your Sister at the height of nineteen, it was easier for me than singing it today. But we already know a lot of things better, and that saves us energy. For example, I forbade our administration to arrange the so-called doubles, ie two concerts in one day.

When did you start living from music?

It started to break in 2000. We released the second album I will wait for a miracle, which later appeared hits You and Your Sister, Lives or Thank You. At that time, we started getting better rights for concerts, which certainly did not mean that we could buy apartments and cars.

In the Czech Republic, many did not know about us yet, in Slovakia we got stuck in corners. At the same time, we knew the motto that if we wanted to go to Bohemia, we had to be kings at home. We were still living with our parents, it was not yet a stellar career. But it started to go up.

From 2001 onwards, as our parents’ sons, we started to become independent, because it was already possible for us to get mortgages on apartments and buy cars.

Were the songs Lived, You and Your Sister or Thank You the key to No Name’s career?

In the Czech Republic it was Žily, so we drew a lot of attention to ourselves here. But in Slovakia, you and your sister were a milestone for us. It aired on the radio in May 1999 and based on the success of the listeners, we were given a second chance by our record label. We had our first record called No Name, but it was not so successful.

You and your sister is another song that must be heard in every one of our concerts. And you know what I enjoy? That is sung with us by young people who were not yet in the world when we wrote it.

The No Name group in the current report.

Photo: band archive

Has the band ever gone through a crisis that would threaten its very existence?

Not so deep. We present the No Name as six pillars. Each of us says that if he got an offer to play with another band, he would not accept it.

However, we had a crisis at a time when our keyboardist Zoli Sallai was having problems with alcohol. It was difficult, because after the quarrels that existed in the band because of it, we had to deal with it harshly and irreconcilably. I contacted the psychiatrist who treated him and we agreed that if we wanted to help him as a band, nothing could be tolerated. So we fired him so he could pick it up and we waited for him because we thought he could do it.

After three months of treatment, he asked us for a financial loan. But we had to tell him that he would not take a penny from us. It was hard to say that to a friend we had been on stage with for about fifteen years. But it was part of the treatment. And finally he managed to get out of it. It has been clean for seven years now.

There was one more moment that I could describe as more complicated. It was the departure of our bassist Viliam Gutray two years ago. We worked on it for a long time, but in the end it worked of course. Vilo moved from Košice to Prague, where he started a new life and found work there.

Which of your songs do you personally consider important?

There are more than that. We have already talked about some of them. We also have those in which listeners will understand that we are not a band that will only offer entertainment. We try to point out some philosophy, in a way, very gently and often even in hints. Many people write to us that we have helped them to solve something with our lyrics, to get into a difficult situation, to save a relationship. It is humanly important to us because it is something that no band can buy anywhere.

Our texts also appear in books. My kids learn about them at school in literature. My son came once and showed me the lyrics of the song What is this in a textbook. The alumni put excerpts from our lyrics on a blackboard, a while ago a guy sent me a video that showed he had a part of the lyrics from the song Who Can Do, which we sang with Karel Gott in 2017, tattooed. By the way, the parishioners also mention masses of our songs.

We have contact with all spheres of human society, from priests and politicians. It’s a fantastic feeling, I hope it’s all because we’re on the right track.

Igor Timko in concert at the Sternberg Hill 2021 festival.

Photo: Jaroslav ápulák, Právo

You are very funny when you present songs at concerts. Are you ready for this activity?

I have to be well prepared for some things. I need to know that if I make a joke, what point do I want to get to. I come from an acting environment and I know there is a lot of preparation for the most ingenious scenes or jokes. It is not possible to stand in front of people and not know what to say to them.

1998from 1998, Peter Riava, our then publisher, told us: Guys, today at concerts music alone is not enough. It was twenty-three years ago.

You released your last album S láskou in 2016. Are you planning a new one?

Just because our last album is five years old does not mean we do nothing in the meantime. There is a lot of work behind us. I was very lucky to be able to record a song with Karl Gott. In 2018, we recorded a song for Czech Radio dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia called Live and Let Live. During its presentation in Prague’s Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock began to ring. It was a huge overlap that no one can buy.

We recorded the song About the Two of Us with Tereza Mašková and we are collaborating with Jaro Dolník. His first single should be released in the fall and I do not think there is a singer in Czechoslovakia who has a similar voice.

While recording a joint song, Karel Gott told us that the moment he came on the music scene, the so-called whining, especially Waldemar Matuška, was a success. Then he said, and the moans had a problem. Karel Gott is no longer here and a big moan returns through Jaro Dolnik. You will see.

As for us, we will release a new single on August 26, exactly the day of our 25th birthday celebrations. I will not reveal the name, it is a surprise. I can only say that it will not be our typical song and that we collaborated on it with the producer Honza Muchow.

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