Six to choose from for the Polish School Council

POLAND – There are six candidates for two four-year terms on the Polish Education Council, and each of them has set goals to be achieved, if selected.

The most common area of ​​interest for candidates is communication.

Current dentist Larry Dinopoulos, 58, said he wanted to “continue efforts to improve communication and transparency in the district between community members, faculty and staff, as well as students.”

“I bring 12 years of board experience and historical perspective, nearly 34 years of business experience, as well as strong leadership skills, dedication and commitment. I didn’t hesitate to make tough decisions, whether they’re popular or not,” he said. “My decisions are and always will be based on the best interests of the children.”

Newcomer Michelle Elia, 44, said: “Accountability, transparency and communication are key.” These three areas, she said, allow school councils to focus on what matters — improving outcomes for all students. He is an education consultant.

“I currently advise schools across the country on literacy, special education and school improvement, and I want to be able to use this experience and knowledge in my community. I have no other program or platform to do what is best for students, to advocate for the best education possible. Students should be the center of attention first and foremost,” she said.

Newly arrived Jaclyn Rausch, 41, a supervisor at the Educational Services Center, said she attached great importance to timely and good communication in Polish schools and with families and the wider community. She said one way to do better is to listen to those who want to speak and also consult with teachers and senior staff.

Rausch said: “I believe we should again do what is best for our students. This includes realistic planning for major changes…. We need to look at the future implications of making changes and plan ahead to ensure the needs of our students, educators, and families are met. ”

As for transparency, newly arrived physical therapist Allison Mattson, 36, said she’d like to see “the school district’s annual address posted to the community” and set up an alumni database.

Another common theme was the strategic plan.

Mattson said: “I want to participate in the development of a new strategic plan with 3-4 important and achievable goals with specific deadlines. These goals would focus on communication, curriculum, facilities and technology, and keeping what the best is for the students around.”

Elia said she believed having a vision for the future would be an important goal for the school board. “Developing and adopting a strategic plan for the district will bring together multiple voices (community, families, principals, teachers and students) to develop a shared vision and plan for the future of the district,” she said.

Beginner Gregory Kibler said: “The strategic plan was drawn up a few years before our global pandemic, in which the districts’ priorities have since changed. He believes that the plan should be reviewed, revised and designed with staff shortages in mind. Kibler, 37, is the assistant director.

“(I am) an educator who wants to use a diverse and unique skill set to fully support students, families and communities in reaching their full potential and success,” he said.

Mattson said he would like to collect “community contributions, financial reports and census data to create a workable plan for all school buildings.” This could include options, she said, so that all stakeholders can have a say in the future of the buildings in the neighborhood.

Dinopoulos said his building plans include the construction of a state-of-the-art K-6 facility on the Baird Mitchell Field site and the demolition of key McKinley and North units. The new K-6 facility would connect to a high school and open spaces for community use.

Of these most common activities, candidates listed items that were unique to their top three goals. Gregg Riddle, 61, an insurance broker, said he was concerned about the aid.

“I want to support and encourage the Chief Inspector,” Riddle said. “So I want to support and encourage the treasurer. Finally, I would like to commend the students, teachers and wonderful people who have made Poland such a perfect school system as it is. ”

Riddle said, “I’m looking for another timeline to encourage the new Chief Inspector and our Treasurer to continue with the many challenges posed in our Forging the Bulldog Future.”

Kibler said his other goals are to strengthen relationships and have an equal educational experience. He believed that relationships helped gather input and information to move the neighborhood forward. Regarding the equality experiences, he said he wanted to “provide policies that enable equal access and individualized opportunities for learning experiences…

Elia’s third goal is to continue the journey of Polish schools in learning to read. She said this contains evidence showing how all children learn to read. She said this is an area where she has “knowledge”.

Dinopoulos said his third goal was experience. He said that with the new Superintendent, the new Deputy Superintendent, the new COO, the new Transportation Manager, the new Director of Student Services, the new Principal of the Elementary School and the three new inexperienced board members, someone with experience was needed. “The last thing a neighborhood needs is more change and instability,” he said.

The ultimate goal of Mattson’s first three is academic achievement. She mentioned several areas she would like to work in, including developing a financial education course, teaching College Credit-Plus programs to other colleges, and giving the same priority to all students in the district.

Rausch’s two ultimate goals are primarily to return to “the mission of educating, empowering and inspiring all students at every opportunity”, and she would be an advocate for the smaller classes.

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