Slideshow: This is what the best public library in the world looks like

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Just over a year old, it bears the name of one of the greatest authors. This is what the Barcelona library, named the best public library in the world, looks like.

The Gabriel García Márquez Library in Barcelona has been named the best public library in the world in 2023 at the Ifla Wlic conference in Rotterdam.

Other nominees were the Valvasor Library in Slovenian Krško, the Parramatta Municipal Library (near Sydney in Australia) and Shanghai East (China).

The library opened on May 28 last year and is the main library in the Sant Marti district of Barcelona. The wooden building consists of six floors.

Jury president Jakob Guillois Lærkes said in a statement that the Barcelona Library is a shining example of how a library can function as an important link between people and the local community. It also highlights how meticulous the construction process was, filled with both courageous and ambitious choices of materials and construction solutions.

“The Gabriel García Márquez Library will be a model for how libraries are built and planned for many years to come.”

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