Some countries are in danger of extinction, scientists warn after climate report

“If we join forces now, we can avert a climate catastrophe. But as today’s IPCC report makes clear, we have no time to waste and no room for apologies. on heads of state and all stakeholders to ensure that COP26 is a success, ”said António Guterres, secretary general of the organization, addressing the document and the next conference of the UN on the climate.

According to the published report, human activity is clearly causing the temperature rise on Earth and is also the cause of recent major climatic fluctuations, heat waves and flooding. In addition, it should lead to less stability of the entire planet. Either way, it’s going to heat up 1.5 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial level, the only question left is how fast.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also called for the protection of nature. “Today’s report gives us serious thought, and it is clear that the next decade will be crucial in securing the future of our planet. We know what needs to be done to reduce global warming – leave coal to the past and switch to clean energy sources, protect nature and provide finance to tackle leading countries, “the UK Prime Minister said in a press release. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also called rapid action to avoid the climate crisis.

However, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg expressed her distrust of promises from world leaders in an interview with Reuters. According to her, considerable pressure from the public and the media is needed to avoid the climate crisis. “I now expect him to make some hard-hitting speeches, press releases or social media claims that the climate crisis is very important and that we are doing everything we can. (…) But nothing has happened. changed again. The only thing that changes is the climate. “

More and more warnings

According to the report, humanity can also expect a rise in sea level, which a new one warns against Equipment Greenpeace regional offices for Australia and the Pacific. According to this, global warming will be catastrophic for Pacific island states, and rising levels could even lead to the loss of entire countries over the centuries.

“If we look at the impacts, they are probably seen more here than anywhere else, the Pacific is the most affected”, estimate British newspaper The Guardian by Nikola Casule, the chief researcher mentioned. “We will see more salinity, we will see the sea level rise. This would mean that large parts of places such as Kiribati, Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands will become uninhabitable.”

In addition, a report by Greenpeace Australia Pacific highlighted the serious climate injustice facing the Pacific region. It is one of the regions with the lowest carbon emissions in the world (equivalent to only 0.23% of global emissions), but has nonetheless suffered some of the earliest and most severe effects of global warming.

“The Pacific has always been seen as a canary in the mine, signaling the crisis. Our reality has been used to exacerbate the climate crisis for decades, ”The Guardian quotes Joseph Sikula of a climate activist group for the Pacific. It also calls for action.

According to polar scientist Marie Šabacká, with whom she joined the Czech News Agency, people could also witness snow-free Antarctica in the future. The IPCC findings show that in the so-called medium scenario, glaciers in polar regions and lowlands will continue to recede or extremes such as floods and droughts and lack of potable water in mountain areas will occur.

The amount of snow is also expected to continue to decrease. “Snow reflects about 90 percent of the radiation. This is such a positive feedback that the less snow there is, the more it gets warmer because less light is reflected. And that’s precisely the problem with glaciers, that they often darken due to warming, and so this contributes to an even faster melting, ”explained the scientist.

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