Squid Game: The white vans and green uniform worn by the characters of the series are no longer present

In addition to the millions of streams on Netflix, “Squid Game” has also managed to increase sales in the green coveralls and white Vans worn by the characters of the series.

It is very common to see many people either for cosplay or for Carnival, or for the Halloween, dress as popular characters from hit series and movies. So this year it looks like the outfit you’ll be seeing more than any other will be the cult green uniform with the white stripe and the white Vans we saw his characters wear”squid game“.

According to Variety, the cult green jumpsuit with the white stripe hit the Amazon bestsellers list in record time shortly after the series premiered. Sales of white slip-ons from Vans also increased 7,800%, according to The Sole Supplier. On Lyst.com, on the other hand, searches for white slip-ons increased 97% overall.

In addition, there are those who choose to take their inspiration from the “bad guys” of the series and look for long red overalls, such as the one with which the mysterious masked guards appear. In addition, there is an increase in the search for yellow T-shirts, orange mini-dresses and high white socks, suggesting that many would prefer to disguise themselves as the scary “Squid Game” doll.

This data shows that the series has managed to create a worldwide, fanatical audience and break through the televisions of all of us!

Hopefully, these elements and the impact of the series will cause Netflix to renew it for a second season.

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