Squint: We are not giving up on the fight for second place yet, but Wales have an advantage

Although the Czech footballers have drawn 2-2 at home in the key World Cup qualifier at home, according to coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, they are not yet giving up the fight for second place. of the group. However, the coach admitted that the advantage is now the island’s opponent.

Šilhavý was not very happy with the performance and he also did not like the midfield play. Due to his absence, he will likely have to call someone after Monday’s game with Belarus.

The Czech team after the draw remained second before the last two matches in the table, but the Welsh have the same points and a good game. Only the group winners will ensure direct promotion to the championship next year. The teams in second position await the playoffs, where the other two best winners of the Nations League groups will present themselves, who will not succeed in qualifying. The Czechs are almost certain that they will end up occupying one of these two places.

“We are still in second place, but the opponent has one more game. But he is playing again with Belgium, who are a strong opponent. So we are not giving up the fight for second place, anything can happen. We have two games, Belarus away and Estonia at home, both We will want to win two. But we don’t have it in our hands, Wales have an advantage, ”Šilhavý said at the meeting. ‘an online press conference.

His charges at Eden reversed the state, but in the 69th minute Daniel James organized a draw. “From the point of view of the position in the table, we wanted to win, but I have to congratulate the opponent, who played very well. The point is probably right. The opponent was very good, on the contrary” We were nervous, it wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t just that, ”ilhavý admitted.

The game did not go well for the midfielders. “Alex Král was now moving to West Ham, waiting for a chance. He played a really good game against Manchester, I liked him there. It wasn’t ideal today, the middle row didn’t well played. It was not ideal even for Suk (Tomáš Souček). Especially in the first half we left a lot of space, “said Šilhavý.

“The Welsh were more mobile, faster, they predicted. When they couldn’t do it in combination, they were able to help themselves with a long pass to the attacker. We were under pressure. former coach of Liberec or Slavia in Prague.

He admitted that the absence of some players signed in the squad. “We have to change the nomination, injuries limit us in these games. When I remember the game in Wales we had a very cultured performance there. We lost, but we played there in a good light. . We had a chance, so we went down to ten and lost 0: 1 but that’s a fact. “Remarked sighed.

The October schedule will end his squad on Monday on neutral ground in Kazan against Belarus. Due to two yellow cards, attacking midfielder Antonín Barák will not be able to play. “Tonda will not be traveling with us. We will see how healthy Tomáš Holeš will be. Two players lost this way, not on the basis of performance. We will probably have to call someone else,” added Šilhavý.

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