Staněk burned in Chorzów, Mäki reached the limit for CM, Ogrodníková finished fourth

Jakob Ingebrigtsen graced the meeting with a European record in the 1500 meters. Almost exactly a month later, the 22-year-old Norwegian improved his personal best with a time of 3:27.14, taking another 81 hundredths off his Diamond League performance in Oslo.

Staněk remained without a measured performance for the first time this season, his maximum remains 21.71 from Turnov and Zlatá tretra. In Ostrava, the Czech record holder took third place with him at the end of June, just as he had done almost a month earlier in Florence, where he returned to the Diamond League podium after six years with a performance of 21.64. World record holder Ryan Crouser of the United States topped the competition in Poland with a throw of 22.55 metres.

All of Staňka’s attempts “flew” out of bounds. As he explained in a media recording, he was adjusting a corner due to knee pain in preparation since his last start two weeks ago in Lausanne. Doctors discovered that he had two small tears in his left knee muscle. “We had to adjust the left leg approach. It worked pretty well in training, but today, probably because it was hot, I flipped him over my shoulder and he didn’t didn’t get into the ball. Those performances kinda flew outside the box, and unfortunately all three. That’s a lesson learned,” he said.

Mäki ran fastest to 15th just two years ago with a national best of 4:01.23 in the Tokyo Olympics semi-final. For the second time in her life, the 31-year-old broke below the 4:04 mark and bettered this year’s maximum by nearly two seconds. The race ended with a quadruple Ethiopian triumph led by Hirut Meshesha, who took the meeting record in 3:54.87.

“I ran very well until the last lap. On the last 200 meters I felt that I still had a reserve. Which is good news for next time,” Mäki said in a statement. “I thought a bit that I could attack the Olympic limit here. I missed relatively little (77 hundredths), but I’m still happy. Before the World Championships, I will still polish my form in the Czech Republic and Championships from Finland, and then I have to concentrate,” she added.

Out of three measured attempts, Ogrodníková only managed to clear 60 meters in the second set and was more than two meters away from the bronze medal. Japanese pitcher Haruka Kitaguchi was happy with the victory and with a personal best of 67.04 she topped the world charts this year.

Ingebrigtsen consolidated his number one position this year and rose to fourth place in the historic rankings ahead of the famous Algerian Núraddín Morceli. Only Kenyans Asbel Kiprop (3:26.69) and Bernard Lagat (3:26.34) and world record holder Hicham el Guerrouj from Morocco (3:26.00) are ahead of Norway.

The performance of the year was also demonstrated by Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimar Rojasová, who improved by two centimeters to 15.18. Qatari Mutaz Issa Baršim, who topped 236, added three centimeters to the maximum height of the year so far.

On the other hand, Armand Duplantis had to settle for a performance of 601 cm in the pole vault sector, he failed with his attempts of 613, yet the phenomenal Swede celebrated the victory. This year’s world champion Fred Kerley of the United States suffered his first defeat in the 100m, beaten by South African Akari Simbine by one hundredth with a time of 9.98.

Athlete Pešová finished fourth at the European Under-23 Championships, the Czechs finished without a medal

Weightlifter Denisa Pešová achieved the Czech team’s best result at the European Under-23 Athletics Championship with a fourth place. In Espoo she improved her personal best by one centimeter, and with a performance of 187cm she only stayed out of the podium because of a worse record. She only passed the last climbed height for the third time, while Poland’s Wiktoria Miasová for the first time. Winner Elena Kulichenková from Cyprus jumped 191 cm, Greece’s Panajota Dosiová managed two less.

Tomáš Habarta in the 3000 meters steeplechase added the same ranking to the previous fifth places of outfielder Jan Štefela, who unsuccessfully defended his title, and shot putter Katrin Brzyszkowská.

The only time young Czech athletes returned from Amsterdam without a medal was in 2001. At the last championship two years ago in Tallinn, they won four gold medals and one silver and were the third most successful country with this record.

Meeting Athletic Diamond League in Chorzów (Poland):
100 m (wind 0.0 m/s):
1. Simbine (JAR) 9.97
2. Kerley (USA) 9.98
3. Eseme (Kam.) 9.98
1. Van Niekerk (JAR) 44.08
2. Ndori (Botsw.) 44.61
3. Dos Santos (Brazil) 44.73
1. J. Ingebrigtsen (Nor.) 3:27.14 – European Record
2. Kipsang 3:29.11
3. Cheruiyot (both Kenyas) 3:30.30
3000 m BC:
1. El Bakkali (March) 8:03.16
2. Kibiwott 8:08.03
3. Bett (Kenya) 8:09.45
1. Barsim (Qatar) 236
2. Tamberi (It.)
3. Potye (German) both 234
1. Duplantis (Sweden) 601
2.Kendrick 591
3. Nilsen (both in the US) 581
1. Crouser 22.55
2. Otterdahl (both USA) 21.88
3. Walsh (N.Zel.) 21.78
STÁNK (ČR) without representation
100m (+0.2m/s):
1. Richardson (USA) 10.76
2. Jackson (Jam.) 10.78
3. Swobodová (Poland) 10.94
1. Kaczmarekova (Pol.) 49.48
2. Klaverova (Netherlands) 49.81
3. Paulinová (Dom. Rep.) 50.00
1. Moraa (Kenya) 1:56.85
2. Nakaayi (ug.) 1:57.78
3. Gouleová-Toppinová (Jam.) 1:57.90
1. F. Hailuová (Ed.) 8:26.61
2. Regneruk (Kenya) 8:27.80
3. L. Hailuova (Ed.) 8:29.43
100 m forward (+0.9 m/s):
1. Amusanová (Nig.) 12.34
2. Harrison 12.35
3. Aliova (USA) 12.38
1. Herashchenkova (Ukraine)
2. Olyslagersova (Aust.)
3. Levchenko (Ukr.) all 198
Triple jump:
1. Rojasová (Fri.) 15.18
2. Bechová-Romančuková (UK) 14.70
3. Perez Hernandez (Cuba) 14.67
1. Kitaguchiova (Japan) 67.04
2. Small (Aust.) 64.50
3. Peetersova (N. Zel.) 62.73
Other disciplines:
110 m BC (-0.2 m/s):
1.Iribarne (Cuba) 13.25
2. Kwaou-Mathey (Fr.) 13.26
3. Mason (Jam.) 13.29
1. Nowicki (Poland) 80.02
2. Winkler (USA) 78.11
3. Henriksen (Norway) 76.75
1. Meshesha 3:54.87
2. Haylom 3:54.93
3. Weltejiová (all Et.) 3:55.08
10. MÄKI (CZE) 4:03.27
1. Anderson 75.40
2. Kassanavoid (both USA) 74.27
3. Fantini (It.) 72.96
European Under-23 Athletics Championships in Espoo (Finland):
200m (wind -1.1m/s):
1. Afrifah (Israel) 20.67
…7. Macik 21.35
in sets 24. Kubelík (both Czech Republic) 21.32
1. Méziane (fr.) 1:45.92
1. Leonard (Great Britain) 29:08.33
400m forward:
1. Nezir (Tur.) 49.19
3000 m BC:
1. Quijada (Sp.) 8:28.91
…5. Habart 8:42.80
in the innings 20. Kováčy (Czech) 9:03.27
1. Italy 3:02.49
1. Alasaari (Finland) 571
1. Rooth (Nor.) 8608 (100m: 10.81 – distance: 761 – shot: 15.31 – height: 203 – 400m: 49.05 – 110m b: 14.43 – discus: 48, 63 – pole: 510 – javelin: 63.71 – 1500 m : 4:29.66)
…Doubek (ČR) did not finish.
200m (-0.1m/s):
1. Nkansa (Belg.) 23.31
…in the semi-finals 15. Kožuškaničová 24.51
in innings 19. Šplechtnová 23.92
26. Kvasničková (all Czech Republic) 24.20
1. O’Sullivan (Irish) 4:07.18
400m forward:
1. Rooth (north) 55.78
…in the semi-finals 9. E. Bendová 57.82
in innings 34. Cymbálová (both Czech Republic) 1:01.23
1.France 3:30.60
…in playoffs 12. Czech Republic (Šmilauerová, Čechová, Cymbálová, Zavadilová) 3:42.74
1. Kulichenko (Cyprus) 191
…4. Pešová (Czech Republic) 187
1. Iapichinová (It.) 693
1. Van Daalen (Netherlands) 56.77
1. Tzengkova (Greece) 60.73
…in qualifying 15. Sičáková (Czech Republic) 50.20

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