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OULX – Oulx: Stella and Gabriele of Casa Abis they performed in the park.


Festive summer and colors in Oulx. Thursday, August 10 at his playground stage Oulx there were the two fantastic actors of the theater of Casa Abis. Here’s Stella and Gabrielle for an event that lasted just over two hours, with lots of laughter and fun. The show was organized by the municipal administration of Oulx and by the supermarket Le Baite. The organizers also thanked the agency Vera Avgency for allowing these two young actors to admire the beauties, landscapes and people of Oulx. About 250 people attended the show and it was a real blast for Gabriele and Stella. Thirty-two-year-old Gabriele Abis and Stella Falchi are known in the social media world as ‘Casa Abis’. The two actors, of Roman origin, have entered our hearts with their sketches of married life.


The days of Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello are long gone, yet something about Casa Abis recalls that spontaneous comedy, that artistic and private collaboration that had made their predecessors so famous. They recently launched their theater tour, which deals with couples’ problems with comedy, starting with Adam and Eve. The show ‘Casa Abis’ at the Parioli Theater in Rome was sold out for both nights and that leaves no doubt as to how much the audience loves them. Having a very rich summer program certainly made us full of pride. And having made his debut in the Zelig cabaret area in Milan, the temple of comedy, it was one of the most exciting moments for us. However, the biggest recognition remains the affection we constantly receive from our followers through personal messages, but also when they meet us on the street.


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