Stop movida, Pd “The mayor did well. The discos had to open “

FOLLONICA – “The summer we are experiencing, the second since the outbreak of the pandemic, has modified and limited the possibilities of socialization. “The government’s decision not to open the discos, despite the introduction of the Green Pass, was in our opinion wrong and short-sighted.”

This is reported by Democratic Party of Follonia “When it was decided that the sports system, which is particularly active in the success of European football, could be experienced as we saw it, when the travel borders reopened, the night’s sector should have been allowed to restart. entertainment. ».

“We are well aware – they continue – that for a long time the ability of our social life should have new rules that are dictated exclusively, unfortunately, by the way the virus spreads. But the rules, if coherent and reasoned, have been accepted and respected in these two years, leading us to marked changes in habits and customs. We have learned to book our performances in advance, to visit museums, to meet in public and public offices, to transport, and even to respect queues. It is true that everything is more tedious and sometimes for this reason we tend to give up, but we did not stop and just looked for a different way to continue to enjoy the things that make us feel good.
“We do not believe that the nightclub has been able to handle these new rules or methods, and the fact that it is prevented from opening regularly has unfortunately cleared customs of alternative ways of recreation and entertainment, which have become difficult to control.”

“In such a delicate moment of the summer season, where all efforts have been made to ensure the restart, both economically and closely linked to the tourism sector and the enormous challenging activities it entails, we believe it was a tangible message. needed by the administration, for the protection of collective health “.

“The order of the mayor of Follonica – the Democratic Party continues – that has banned DJ sets in the city from 21.00, must be accompanied in an effort to combine public health with the safety of the city. A first step, the approval of the project related to the presence of flight attendants on the shore during the night and the continuous dialogue and cooperation with the police, were and are important for the urban security of the city, as well as the distribution. in Quality Nights, since the conscious fun begins with the education shared by boys and girls.
“Despite the forces that developed, however, the images of these afternoons, which unfortunately caused noise and some episodes of aggression, could not be tolerated further, so the mayor who pointed out did well.”

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