Strömsund pensioners are on the verge of starvation



Folksam Insurance Company is presenting a report today on the financial situation of the county’s newly retired retirees. A grim report which shows that pensioners in Strömsund only have 22 crowns a day to live on.

We participated in a survey carried out by the insurance company Folksam into the financial situation of retired women in Jämtland County. Here it is noted that in Strömsund they only have 22 crowns a day to live on. Frightening figures which are unfortunately verified.

The report can be read that new retirees in Jämtland County have on average less than SEK 100 per day to live on after paying their housing and household costs. In three of the eight municipalities in Jämtland County, new male pensioners have only a small part of their pension left.

– For a long time, high inflation has driven up prices and eroded their purchasing power, explains Håkan Svärdman, pensions expert at Folksam, in a press release.

He has at least part of his pension left among the county’s new retirees are women from Strömsund municipality who have 645 crowns each month after paying for their housing and household expenses. This corresponds to 22 SEK to live per day.

– For retirees in Jämtland who are struggling to get their finances together, a review of electricity, telephone and broadband contracts may be a way to reduce expenses, another solution is to explore the possibility of applying for an allowance housing, explains Håkan Svärdman.

Text and archive image: Barbro Ericson