Stutterheim opens store in Stockholm: “This is probably the most fun I’ve done”

His handmade raincoats, which bear his last name, have taken the world by storm. Alexander Stutterheim is also the founder of the premium organic brand John Sterner.

When it now opens its second store in the Mood shopping center in Stockholm, the two brands will take their place.

– Being able to create a store where my two heart projects can meet is probably the most fun I’ve done. It is a kind of creative energy in itself; being able to build and create a story and hopefully see the client love what they’ve done. It’s an extra boost. I also have a store in Öland, but it’s only now that the opportunity has presented itself at Mood, that I feel ready to take on the city of Stockholm. My way, says Alexander Stutterheim

In the store, everything from raincoats to organic sweaters and rugs will be sold where the emphasis is on quality and slow fashion.

– I like the idea that you can’t have everything right away. Deferred gratification is described as something over time. Having to wait for something pretty that is hand-sewn or hand-knitted gives the garment a different meaning, an afterthought and added value. It’s hopelessly annoying with all the porridge that we have to consume quickly and then replace with another easily digestible dose, says Alexander Stutterheim.

The store opens next Monday, October 5th. The fashion designer himself says in a press release that he himself will be there and work as often as he can.

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