Survival process: Caring for the injured in a team is a real chore

Of course, they are ready for anything along the way. “All the trainers have some training, there is a pharmacy in the team, where there is absolutely everything. He is treated either on the spot when it is more serious, called by a walkie-talkie that we have all the instructors, an off-road car that takes the injured person off course and provides further assistance, either at our base or transported to the hospital. “But that has not happened to us yet,” said class leader Amar Ibrahim.

But it would not be me not to “do” something. In order not to spoil the fun, I went beyond my means and unfortunately there was one ankle that was recently injured. After a few miles, there was pain and inflammation, so there was a condition that needed to be treated. At a time when every step of the pain was already on the asphalt and not far from the tears, the leader clearly ordered: Build a stretcher and transport the wounded to the camp.

All participants alternately carried the stretcher with the injured.

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Together, the participants produced relatively durable stretchers. “The team made a stretcher out of what it had. They took sticks, rubber bands, ropes, tangled stretchers and made their turn, transporting you four to six people. The team collaborated, worked and helped you. It is about working together as a team, it is very important for survival. “If someone can’t, others will help him,” describes the great collaboration of Ibrahim’s team.

I must say for myself that everyone was wonderful. I was taken care of like a queen and no one said ashes. No one complained. The stretchers alternated in sync and everyone was sweating a lot, because the ground was really hard.

“We praised the team because it really worked, nobody drove there. Then we split them into smaller groups, I liked one because they knew they were together and working together. Several people wrote to me then that they had really reached the bottom. It is not enough to reach the bottom, it was minus 3 at night, something we did not expect and during the day no one ate much “, Ibrahim summarizes the course.

However, he adds with a sigh that the weekend he spends in the woods is not to trample a man, but to show him that the achievements of the modern age are not self-evident. And of course the goal is to learn something from the participants as well.

“We do not want to arrest people, we want to teach them something to have an experience. Some do not finish until a few days later. Many people say it was their first time without a cell phone for the first time and they completely cleared their minds that we were better than nerve pills. We want to lead people somewhere and lift them up and down. When they are at the bottom and light a fire, it raises them a little upwards. It climbs terribly, but it can also descend very quickly. “But I always want people to leave with the opportunity to deal with a crisis situation, gain experience and return to the other lessons we follow,” concludes Amar Ibrahim, owner of Outdoor Survival.

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