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ΙΣΤΡΑΝΑ Saturday, October 23, at 16, atsports facilities in the municipality of Istrana, will be presented on “Sustainable Istrana” projectThe aim of the initiative is to pass it on to the new generations and familiesattention to the environment and sustainability in general in all its meanings. And do it through sport, synonymous with prosperity and “team play”.

The project was born from an ideabusinessman Walter Bertin, Founder and President of Labomar, Vice President of Assindustria Venetocentro with responsibility for sustainability and the environment, together withMunicipal Administration of Istrana and some sports clubs in the area, specifically Calcio Istrana 1964 Asd, Basket Istrana Asd, GSG Volleyball Istrana, Asd Skating Istrana, Asd Nintai Kan Karate and Asd Tennis Club Istrana. It is also supported by Contarina Spa and Alto Trevigiano Servizi.

Respect for the environment and the urgent need to develop sustainable behaviors are the main issues that will be the guiding thread in the annual activities of each member association, winter of 2021 and throughout 2022With these goals, Saturday afternoon also thinks about the municipal sports facility (via del Capitello), which is included in the title “Experience sustainability through sport”, which from 15 to 18 years old will allow children and adolescents to test their strengths in a series of games and recreational activities, gathered in a single way of awareness and participation for sustainability. The Plastic Free and Open Canoe-Open Mind associations, committed to protecting the environment.

“To future generations we have a commitment to honor: to leave a healthy environment in which we can live harmoniously. What better framework, then, than to start from the sport of our young people, to “train” in more “green” daily gestures “- says Mayor Maria Grazia GasparinThe

To access the event you need the Green Pass and registration at the following link:

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