Sweden’s top figure skater leaves Luleå for Norrköping

Nikolai Majorov, who bets on the Olympics, criticizes the municipality of Luleå:

– We fought for 30 years to get equal treatment for figure skating, but that did not happen. Hockey is a priority.

Criticism of the municipality

Majorov says it was difficult to get ice time and quality training:

– The municipality demolishes hall D, hall B is a paddle and hall A is closed. There is only room C. Hockey is a priority and the municipality is trying to get us out of the arena. They want to throw us into Sunderbyn, which is also closed and undergoing renovations, but they haven’t started yet as they would have been several months ago. You cannot train with quality in peace and quiet. I’m not asking for a multi-million dollar arena, just a set-up with set times.

The club supports the family

The Luleå Figure Skating Club supports Nikolai Majorov and writes in a statement:

We at the Luleå Figure Skating Club fully understand their decisions and support them in their choices. They do this because of the issues that have existed over time with the ice supply, ice quality and ice ages within the municipality, but also after struggling for many years with a commitment huge for a sport that has constantly had to live with insufficient conditions to be performed. at a high level. , something that took health. Despite this, the club managed to achieve success thanks to countless Swedish Championship medals, JVM medals, World Cup and Olympic finalists. “

“No easy decision”

The Majorov family leaves Luleå for the summer.

– It’s not an easy decision, absolutely not, but it’s so that everyone in the family can feel good and exercise normally, said Nikolai Majorov.

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