Swedish hockey players crushed Great Britain 6-0 at the World Cup and lead the “Czech” group

Swedish hockey players clearly beat Great Britain 6-0 at the World Championships in Tampere and with the total number of nine points they took the lead in the “Czech” group B one score ahead of Finland .

Coach Johan Garpenlöv’s side took a five-goal lead in the first half. Anton Bengtsson assisted with two goals and an assist, defender Rasmus Dahlin also had three points per goal and two assists, and Rasmus Asplund netted twice. The British remain last with one point.

The Swedes struck for the first time in the 13th second. Asplund took care of the fastest goal of the tournament, which defeated Bownes with a shot past a Buffalo Dahlin teammate. In the 5th minute, after Dahlin’s erroneous pass, he threatened Hellberg from a position between Dowd’s circles. In contrast, Nordström managed from a similar position in 7:43.

Halfway through the intro it was already 3-0, as Bengtsson changed the renumbering from three to two after Bromý’s pass. In the 14th minute, Dahlin’s shot from Dowlin went past Bownes among the concrete. Conway failed to rectify the situation in front of exposed goal, and five seconds before the first break he used Asplund’s power play in Lake’s disqualification with an easy hit after Kellman’s shot.

In the second period, Bowns was replaced by Whistle, who was holding a clean shield. It helped that Lindholm didn’t have an exact line of sight in the 23rd or 26th minute. Then, Bromé didn’t beat him more than twice.

The Brits withstood Clements’ penalty and deprived Hellberg of zero late in the second half. The Swedish keeper fired a shot from David Phillips, and during Bengtsson’s time in the penalty box, the Swedes assisted the top bar after Myers’ shot. Before the break, Bengtsson went to pay again and Waller didn’t change the chance again.

Ekman-Larsson could have raised in the third period and Neilson had the opportunity. The Brits withstood David Phillips’ punishment. In the 54th minute, Whistle recovered. After Lang’s pass, Bengtsson struck from the position between the circles into the top right corner of his goal. He disregarded Hellberg’s or Davies’ account.

Hockey World Championship:

Group B (Tampere):

Sweden – Great Britain 6:0 (5:0, 0:0, 1:0)

Goals and records: 1. Asplund (Kellman, Dahlin), 8. J. Nordström (A. Larsson, Bemström), 11. A. Bengtsson (Bromé), 14. Dahlin (Pudas, A. Bengtsson), 20. Asplund (Kellman, Dahlin) , 54. A. Bengtsson (O. Lang, Tömmernes). Judges: Lawrence (CAN), Rohatsch-Merten (both German), Synek (SR). Elimination: 2:5. Use: 1:0. Participation: 3012.

Sweden: Hellberg – A. Larsson, Dahlin, E. Gustafsson, Ekman-Larsson, A. Lindholm, Tömmernes, Pudas – Bemström, Aman, J. Nordström – Friberg, Kellman, Asplund – Bromé, A. Bengtsson, C. Klingberg – O.Lang. Coach: Johan Garpenlov.

United Kingdom: Bowns (21st Whistle) – Richardson, Tetlow, D. Phillips, O’Connor, Ehrhardt, Clements, Batch – Mosey, Conway, Perlini – Lake, Dowd, Neilson – Davies, J. Phillips, Waller – Hook, Myers, Dugan. Coach: Peter Russell.

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