Swimming, a lifelong passion. Many routes at the “All Together” swimming pool in Oristano


Professionalism, safety and fun with a sport suitable for everyone

From the first timid strokes to the exciting competitive feats, to the sport that makes you feel good, even in old age: The Oristano municipal swimming pool is relaunched by “All Together”, accompanies swimming enthusiasts on a trip of a lifetime, in a completely renovated ecologically sustainable structure immersed in the green of the sports citadel “Mario Baroli” of Sa Rodia, viale Repubblica 54.

With twenty years of experience behind it, combined with the professionalism of the FIN-certified swim school instructors, the facility’s new management offers a wide range of aquatic activities, ranging from competitive race preparation classes to aquafitness, to swimming for pregnant women and babies and circuit training, to hydrotherapy.

The programs are dedicated to athletes competitive swimming: they can cultivate their talent, combining technique, resistance and determination thanks to the expertise of qualified trainers, who will be able to guide them towards the Olympus of champions with excellent preparation.

For those looking for personalized training, the “All together” offers it personal trainer service with continuous support aimed at achieving its goals, in the name of continuous support and motivation to improve.

The love for water in Pool “All Together”. it is cultivated even before coming into the world: classes are dedicated to expectant mothers swimming for pregnant womento help them maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the baby to come, facing the big changes in their bodies with peace of mind.

After birth, parents and young children Instead, they will be able to explore the world of water together, side by side, with fun itineraries that will help create exciting and exciting moments.

Having let go of mom and dad’s hand, tomorrow’s little champions will be able to attend classes swimming for beginnersexperiencing adventures in the water in absolute safety, guided by specialized instructors.

Water safety is one of the key words in Pool “All Together”.which offers the possibility of obtaining nationally recognized FIN certificates through the professional lifeguard courses

The classes are dedicated to those who want to keep in shape while having fun and in total relaxation AquaFitness: with exercises designed to increase water resistance, it will be possible to train safely and without stress.

Another opportunity offered by the Oristano swimming pool is the circuit training, ideal for those looking for a varied and dynamic approach to training. This exciting program includes a series of targeted exercises that help build strength, endurance and flexibility. Lessons are also available daily Free swimmingto fully enjoy your experience in contact with water.

The last experience available is hisAquaTherapyideal to discover the benefits of water and gradually recover your well-being, through targeted and specialized exercises.

Oristano Municipal Swimming Pool

The outdoor pool

There Pool “All Together”. of Oristano is open daily at the times indicated in the course schedule (Here is the link) is available on the updated official website.

For all information you can contact the secretariat during the opening hours of the facilities, at 376.1554488 or at the email address [email protected]. To keep up to date with the news, the pages are available Facebook And Instagram.

Friday, September 15, 2023

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