Talga mining company launches charm offensive – opens doors for planned graphite mine

The press on Friday urged politicians and officials to follow the otherwise locked gates of Niska and Nunasvara, where four deposits that may be relevant to mining are located.

Talga AB’s party wants to show what they consider to be one of the richest graphite deposits in the world.

– The largest and richest graphite deposit in the world, says geologist Tom Kerney, Talga AB, of the Vittangi deposit.

They have just completed a series of mining tests and at the same time continue to test the boreholes to map graphite resources. Perhaps the four known deposits are found together in the depths.

This is how graphite should be used

Graphite should be used in batteries and replace anode materials made from oil. Tallow sees itself as part of electrification and the green transition.

– We know that more and more cars will be powered by batteries and for that to work, graphite is needed. And with Talga’s proprietary technology, we can make the world’s best and most climate-friendly – smart graphite anodes, says Per-Erik Lindvall, vice chairman of the board of Talga AB.

The company has applied for a concession and environmental assessment permit and is awaiting notification. The hope for Talga AB is to start mining at Vittangi 2023, but the duration of the authorization process is unknown.

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