Teachers Day 2021. When is it? Best wishes and rhymes

Teachers Day 2021. When is National Education Day?

Thousands of teachers and educators celebrate Teacher’s Day every year. National Education Day is a Polish celebration of education and higher education. It commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the National Education Commission, which was established on the initiative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski. This day is commonly known as Teacher’s Day and the date is fixed. Like every year, in 2021 Teacher’s Day will fall exactly on October 14.

Teacher’s day free of classes?

On the occasion of the National Day of Education and the Day of the Teacher, official academies, performances and other events are usually held in schools and other educational institutions. Every year students are most interested in or October 14 is free from classes. Unfortunately we have no good news. National Education Day and Teacher’s Day are not days off from school and work.

Although Teacher’s Day is not free of classes, some schools do not hold regular classes that day. Academies and performances are usually held in schools on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day.

Teacher’s Day 2021. Wishes and poems


You showed us how to change the world

You taught us how to be good

For all this I wish you 100 years,

So you can be happy and proud!



When our paths meet one day

May your day be so blessed

Like today, with your vacation,

So you can tell us with a smile

You had good students

And that you loved us very much.


When I go out into the world

In a long way

And if it’s hard for me

When I think “I can’t anymore”

Then you are in mind.

Because you taught me how to fight

To go to the right

Teacher of the way, I’ll tell the truth,

Like you, I’d love to be.


I thought of the riches of the world

I dreamed of conquering mountains

But thanks to you I want to learn to fly

And know more and dance in space.


It is a trivial matter for the Teacher,

Remember how many eyes a fly has,

Know how to handle the task,

And how to get through the maze.

But we, the students, are lambs,

Who still believe in the fathers of fairy tales,

They learn, yes, but also

They wander the world with their minds, oh what!


I wish our dear lady, that every day would be pleasant for her, that the morning alarm clock would arrange for her silver tones to the beat of the song, that she would start the day cheerfully and that the wrinkle of her forehead would disappear, that the wind would smell, her laughter would rustle so that everyone in the class could understand her.


All our beloved teachersThey have a lot of patience for their students.

For learning, for the effort put into a huge bouquet of wishes, we offer.

Sincere wishes, sincerely from the hearts of the students

like fresh, fragrant flowers blooming in the Polish meadow.


Dear teachers, be still with us!

Whether we are big or small.

We wish you good luck for the years to come –

may our education live and prosper!!!


We wish you all the best and good health. That you would teach for many years and like any teenager. We like you, we are friends and we wish you good luck. When you’re in school, it’s the way you know it.


On this wonderful holiday

for the hard work with us and the heart shown,

we bow our heads in a big thank you.


Accept today for your offer – wishes –

the heart proclaims it…

and humble gifts of gratitude,

that the student brings you…

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