Teachers’ Day 2021. wishes and poems for teachers

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Teacher’s Day, as it is commonly called National Education Day, falls on October 14 every year. This time it’s Thursday. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the National Education Commission, which was established in 1773 at the initiative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski.

Classes will continue on Teacher’s Day. Although it is not a day off from school, the atmosphere is festive: students wish their teachers and teachers, especially the class teachers; give them gifts and organize academies. In this way, the children thank them for the knowledge they have been taught and for sharing their experiences. If you’re wondering what your teacher wants to make, check out our suggestions.

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Teachers’ Day 2021. Wishes and poems for teachers

I wish our dear lady,
that every day would be nice to her,
that early alarm clock sounds silver
arranged for her to the beat of the song,
to start the day happily
and was always healthy,
to make the wind smell
her laugh roared,
so that everyone in the class can understand.

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All our beloved teachers have a lot of patience for their students. For learning, for the effort put into a huge bouquet of wishes, we offer. The class wishes the best teacher health, happiness, success and dreams come true…


Good luck with your Teacher’s mission!
Let no one doubt,
that the work of a teacher by vocation,
it deserves a lot of praise.
Because it is more valuable than others work,
although sometimes smaller cakes come out.

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We wish our tutor sunny wishes:
health, happiness, joy and dreams come true.
So that there is always sun and a smile on your face,
to make everything true about what you / Pan to dream!
The class wishes you best wishes for success, patience and joy…


For a smile, a kind word,
encouragement to work when nothing went wrong
and praise when everything went well.
To help us discover what we are best at
and convince us that we can do more than we expect.
To show us that we matter and that we are important.
For breaking fear into unknown and incomprehensible things.
For the fact that we could always count on you!
For the colorful years of study that brought so much joy into our lives…
Thank you!


The word love – for their care. A word of thanks – for their efforts. A gift is a modest student gift, sung from the heart as from notes. Thank you for all the efforts you have put into our upbringing and education. We believe that your effort will make us wise and noble people. Thank you for the daily, extremely difficult and laborious construction of our interior.

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