Technology and robotics, the best funds sorted by weight and yield

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The category sees 64 funds distributed in Italy, led by 59 managers (18 with a Morningstar rating). The average return over an annualized three-year horizon is 20.5%

The sentiment of executives towards the tech sector is once again clearing up. According to the usual monthly survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, fund managers’ pessimism towards tech stocks is waning and in May, the combination of Value and technology stocks, it seems to have been, from the point of view of the Barbell portfolio, the one favored by fund managers.

Technology and robotics, the best funds sorted by weight and yield


The category is distributed in Italy 64 funds, led by 59 managers (18 with Morningstar ratings). The average return since the start of the year is 5.8%. Over an annualized three-year horizon, it stands at 20.5%.

In terms of size, the largest fund is Fidelity Global Technology managed by Hyun Ho Sohn (5 stars Morningstar); in just over a year this product has doubled in size compared to the last sector analysis and also the one with the best performance since the start of the year and with the highest risk-adjusted return over three years (Sharpe Ratio).

By performing the analysis over a three-year period, JP Morgan Asset Management’s JPM Us Technology (5 Morningstar stars) emerges, occupying the top step of the podium with an annualized performance of nearly 30%.

In terms of masses, another manager with five stars Morningstar follows just behind the first place. Tony Kim, which is ahead of Blackrock’s BGF World Technology, less brilliant in 2021 but the best performing over a five-year horizon with a return of over thirty points.

For most of the funds selected, the benchmark is the index MSCI AC World Information Technology.

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