Tesla Bot looks like a human, using self-driving car technology

Visionary, billionaire and founder of tech giant Tesla, Elon Musk, previously said he had concerns about the development of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. It is precisely because of these facts that visitors to the recent Tesla Conference were surprised by the introduction of their very own humanoid robot Tesla Bot.

Musk said Tesla is the world’s largest robotics company, with its cars actually being robots on wheels. This is why he reportedly decided to present his own humanoid robot, which will also use the technology of the autopilot system located in Tesla cars.

The robot will measure 173 centimeters and weigh 56.7 kilograms. The machine will be able to carry up to 20.4 kilograms and will lift almost 70 kg from the ground. Musk described the robot as a friendly being, but he wouldn’t be any more capable and smarter than a human, which should be some prevention against his abuse. The machine will communicate with people through a built-in screen.

Tesla is expected to fully introduce the robot next year, with Musk not specifying what people will be able to use the machine for. Presumably, Bot should make life easier for potential owners by doing some work for them. The Autopilot system should help the robot to move freely.

In addition to the Tesla robot, he also introduced the D1 chip, created especially for the supercomputer. This should help, among other things, the more advanced function of autonomous management, which the company wants to integrate into its future and current models.

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