The 17-year-old did not survive the avalanche fall in the eastern Giant Mountains

“According to our information, there were two people in the avalanche, one suffered moderate injuries, but he is conscious. The second mountain service found him, but with no sign of life. not compatible with life, ”said Libor Seneta, director of the emergency medical service.

Specifically, a 17-year-old alpine skier died in the Giant Mountains and a second 45-year-old survived. According to Czech television, the two men were from the Trutnov region.

“The surviving man suffers from bruises, concussions, broken limbs, is hypothermic and is transported to the trauma center of the Liberec hospital,” said Ivo Novák, spokesperson for the regional rescue service. scored by Hradec Králové.

According to the head of the Krkonoše mountain service, Pavel Jirsa, help was called by the eldest of the men, who was not completely covered with the mass of snow. He managed to join line 155 from the Hradec Králové region. “They immediately contacted us and we sent our rescuers from Pec pod Sněžkou to very difficult terrain. Due to the situation, we also sent other colleagues from other stations in Krkonoše to the event, ”Jirsa said.

The avalanche they brought down descended from the house in Silesia into the Úpička gutter in Obří důl. In the mountains of Krkonoše, the second degree of avalanche danger of the international five-part scale applies in the avalanche registers. There is 80 to 130 centimeters of snow on the ridges.

Paramedics received information about the accident at 12:38 p.m. Two helicopters intervened on the spot, one from Hradec Králové and the other from Liberec. “The Liberec helicopter has also been activated, it is generally true that there is one helicopter per injured in an avalanche,” said Anatoly Truhlář, the medical assistant of the medical rescue service of the Hradec Králové region.

The intervention of the rescuers was very demanding. “When there is an avalanche accident, the crew is exposed to a secondary avalanche fall. Anyone looking in the avalanche area should act with the utmost caution, ”said Ivo Novák, spokesperson for the Hradec Králové Regional Rescue Service.

In the second avalanche stage, the conditions for the hike are mostly safe. According to the morning report of the Krkonoše Mountain Service, the snow profiles in the avalanche localities showed low to moderate stability. Slab avalanches made up of unstable layers of square snow and slab avalanches made up of blown snow can occur in places.

“The triggering of avalanches is possible mainly with a large additional load, exceptionally even with a small additional load, especially on steep slopes mainly mentioned in the avalanche forecast,” said representatives of the mountain service in the morning. from Krkonoše.

The possibility of spontaneous triggering of very large avalanches is not expected, only medium-sized avalanches can be expected, which usually stop on the slope, said the mountain service.

Avalanche danger was first declared in the Krkonoše Mountains this winter season on January 4, when the first degree was valid. Avalanche locations on the Czech side of the Giant Mountains are Kotelní jámy, Bílý Labe de Bouda u Bílého Labe, Kozí hřbety and Labský, Obří, Dlouhý and Modrý důl.

The last victim of the avalanche in the mountains of Krkonoše on February 5, 2015 was a 28-year-old ski mountaineer as he descended Malá Studniční jáma. At the end of December 2008, an avalanche in the mountains of Krkonoše killed a 36-year-old skier-mountaineer, who was covered in snow in the ervinkova mulda.

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