The 94th year of the Bostí nad Labem Old Bohemian Fair presented new attractions

The surprise of this year’s Bostínad Labem Old Bohemian Pilgrimage was an orphaned square, a missing fire station and roast detectors. According to tradition, the pilgrimage came, but because there is no suitable space for large public events in the city, it was installed in front of the House of Culture, on Smetana Street and in the adjacent car park.

The reward for visitors for an unusual change of habitat was a series of unknown attractions, which, in addition to the seasons, brought new experiences, often with adrenaline rush.

At the top of the space, a giant inflatable slide caught the eye, as if it were a journey to another galaxy full of joy, fun, fun and unexpected adventures. An interesting welcome was the cafes of the coffee service with the challenge of thousands of exhibition experiences for children and whole families. Another innovation for the guests was the dance in the vortex of break dance, which everyone did, although the head of the rotating booths got a little confused.

In the background of interest this time remained the well-known sights, the ancient manual carousel, the head, the swings and the shooting range. For the little ones, the big attraction was the carousel with car toys and motorcycle cabins, and then especially the new track with the opportunity to sit back and invite Disney toys.

The children could show the joy of moving to the bouncy castle, the trampolines and their strength and determination in the fight with the auto boxing champion. If you wanted to experience the dangers of a train, the horrors of Dracula’s Castle or embark on a mission with Alibaba, all you had to do was enter the simulator and enter these stories in 3D or 4D glasses. In the nearby green amphitheater, the watery Pěnkava was not idle in its performance accompanied by fish.

The biggest success was the popular autotrope, where whole families took part in the walks. The secondary aquazorbing offered an unusual ride on a huge ball on the actual surface of the water. In the opposite pool, you could sail in a boat with a swan or hover like a bird above the ground. For those longing for an adrenaline flight high in the clouds, the wish came true sitting in the cabin of Lets co !, which replaced the Kamikaze of previous years.

After the hot moments of tension, it was pleasant to sit in a makeshift lounge with an ice cream cone, but also exotic flavors of lobster, Thai noodles and Indian cuisine. Only traditional Czech exhibition cakes were missing.

On the way home, various pastries were prepared on the counters, including candies and the necessary gingerbread hearts as a gift from the pilgrimage.

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