The architects designed a pair of skyscrapers according to the wishes of the residents who will live in their area

British architects are no stranger to the American continent. They became very well known to the people, especially with their statue The Vessel, ie the Vase, in New York, USA.

Lovers of interesting urban solutions will surely remember the architects in connection with the work of a new artificial island called Pier 55, which is being played again in New York.

This time, however, the activity of renowned architects moved to the other side of the continent, to Vancouver. Specifically in the West End on Alberni Avenue. Hence the current name of the project – 1700 Alberni.

For local developers Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties, they created a project from a pair of skyscrapers of very unusual but pleasing shapes. It must now be approved by the city building authority and if all goes well, the locals can look forward to building a building in their neighborhood that will take into account their own wishes.

We do not want another glass tower here

The people of Vancouver, as is good practice in such cases, were given the opportunity in advance to comment on the planned multi-storey construction project and to express their demands for new buildings.

First of all, they did not want another glass tower. Which, incidentally, is a feature used (as a critique) by world-renowned architect Frank O. Gehry for contemporary modern architecture, for example.

The locals did not want another glass tower. The architects used glass in the design only where needed. They replaced the rest with natural materials.

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The elegant shapes of the sides of the houses clearly separate their surface and prevent the creation of a uniform appearance.

Photo: Secchi Smith

The locals also wanted the new development to add more green to the city and very often there was a recurring desire for public spaces that people could use all year round, not just in summer when it is nice.

Another important demand of the public undoubtedly came from the unfortunate experience with the already existing high-rise buildings in the place, which are closed to the outside world.

Instead, new homes need to be connected to their surroundings, they need to be “perforated” in some way so that people living in the neighborhood can enjoy them.

Towers that look like trees

The architects listened to all the requests in their work and created houses whose shape comes from the shape of the trees. The lower part, literally overgrown with green, clearly resembles rich roots known from mangroves, for example, it extends again to a tall slender crown after narrowing.

The pair of houses that are installed on a five-storey common base must have 30 (east tower) and 34 floors (west tower). According to the plans, the height of the lower tower is 105 meters and the highest tower is 117 meters.

Especially on the lower floors, plants will play an important role in the surface of the building. Not only do they beautify their environment, but they also clean the air and on hot days they also help to reduce the air temperature.

Photo: Secchi Smith

“The idea aims to bring a new level of global design excellence to Vancouver. It has two round towers full of light and a public square at ground level for the participation of the local community “, the architects characterize.

Spaces for the public and many apartments

It is the five-storey base of the two otherwise residential buildings that is a space intended not only for the needs of its tenants, but also the locals. There is a planned large covered area with many corners and many galleries.

There are business zones, leisure and culture facilities divided into individual floors and there is also an entire floor intended for sports and fitness. Interestingly, there is a kindergarten in the houses and also parking for more than 500 bicycles.

On the ground floor of the base of the buildings, a large covered square is planned for local meetings, in times of cold and bad weather.

Photo: Secchi Smith

The towers themselves are then designed as a residential area with 401 apartments, which will have an interesting split floor plan.

The exteriors of the apartments designed as corner balconies play a very important role in this design. Their edges will form boxes intended for green. At the same time, the very width of the balcony area is designed so that even people in wheelchairs can move comfortably on them.

The last and most important step remains

The project, which in recent days has immediately gained the attention of both the professional media dealing with design and architecture, as well as the clear titles, is currently waiting for the last important step on the road to implementation.

However, this is the most important thing – the design must obtain a building permit. If this happens, the Canadian city will acquire a very interesting modern building, which will undoubtedly become one of the local architectural icons.


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