The Association of Skiers of the Czech Republic will now be led by sports director David Trávníček – ČT sport – Czech Television

“I want to help. I have twenty years of experience in the sporting world through the representation of athletes or events. I can also help in marketing, business and the media. I would like the association ski resort becomes a showcase for Czech sports and gets maximum credit on our stage and on the international stage,” he told reporters after Lawn’s election.

His agency Sport Invest Marketing represents, among others, the biggest Czech winter sports star and three-time Olympic winner Ester Ledecká. An experienced official and former skier believes he will be able to better connect the world of sports association with the interests of athletes. They see no conflict of interest in other business activities.

“On the contrary, I would say that it is a synergy of the experiences, situations and life decisions that I have made. I believe that the movement itself perceives this and we will move forward,” said Trávníček, who also interviewed all lawyers prior to the application bylaws of the organization.

He has cooperated with the union in recent years. “I think my previous experience with the sports environment is crucial at the moment. It’s often a problem that you solve inside, but I come from outside and I can name and solve things,” said added Trávníček.

In the near future, he wants to collect suggestions and reports from individual sections. After that, it is planned to meet with the authorities of the Czech Republic. “One of the big topics is also money,” Trávníček said.

Outgoing boss and former Nordic Combined representative Heřmanský was elected first vice-president. “I wish David success in achieving his goals and taking Czech skiing and snowboarding a little further forward. I am ready to help him in this endeavour,” said Heřmanský, who led the oldest association national ski resort in the world since 2019.

The second vice president is the president of the snowboard department, Miroslav Schimmer. Aleš Vaněk is a member of the management of the executive committee for cross-country skiing and Filip Brýdl for the alpine disciplines. Roman Kumpošt will continue to lead the supervisory board as chairman, and Věra Chvátalová and Martin Štěpán will become their new vice-chairmen.

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