The Beatles’ very last song

Released Thursday The Beatles The only From time to time. The song is written and sung by John Lennonbut was never completed before his death in 1980.

The three remaining members Paul McCartney, George Harrison And Ringo Starr continued to develop and work on the song throughout the ’90s and now it’s complete, thanks to Paul and Ringo – more than four decades later.

In addition to John’s song contains From time to time electric and acoustic guitar recorded in 1995 by George, new drum part by Ringo and bass, guitar and piano by Paul, matching John’s original. String arrangement written by Gilles MartinPaul and Ben Foster has been added.

– It was there, John’s voice, crystal clear. It was quite moving. And we all kept working on it, like a real Beatles recording. Still working with Beatles music in 2023 and releasing a new song that people haven’t heard, I think it’s exciting, Paul said in a statement.

Listen to the song below!

November 10 is out The Beatles 1962-1966 (The Red Album) And 1967-1970 (The Blue Album) in a special edition. Since the release of the records 50 years ago, they have introduced the group’s music to several generations.

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