‘The best animal welfare in the world’ is hailed at film festivals in Sweden and Europe

Over the weekend, Djurens Rätt’s 3D animated film “The World’s Best Animal Protection” was named Best Commercial at the Västerås Film Festival and Best Animation at the Brussels Independent Film Festival.

“World’s Best Animal Welfare” is about three turbo chickens in different parts of their short lives in an animal breeding factory. With its unique approach, the film created great engagement on social media and among viewers. The chickens are played by Dragomir Mrsic, Sanna Sundqvist and Mattias Fransson.

The Västerås Film Festival selects the best Swedish films of the year through voting where the public can vote for their favorite films on the internet. In the Best Advertising category, Djurens Rätt won the prize.

The Brussels Independent Film Festival is an annual international film festival which this year selected “The World’s Best Animal Protection” as one of the eight films nominated for the Atomium Awards. The film was screened this weekend at the awards ceremony in Brussels and won first prize in the Best Animation category.

– We are very happy and honored that our film received two more awards, it shows that with the film we have managed to reach out and touch, says Camilla Bergvall, National President of Animal Rights.

The film, which is produced by production company Naive, is largely funded by Djurens Rätt members and followers via a crowdfunding campaign that took place in the fall of 2021. The film has already won the awards for Best Animation at Roygalan, Film of the Month in Summary and several film festivals.

See the film “The best animal shelter in the world” here.

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