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“We promised ourselves to definitively start the exit from the pandemic and we want to give fair recognition to the commitment of these years and reward tourists with many high-quality nights”, the mayor San Bartolomeo al Mare, Valerio Ursoin the presentation of the summer events of 2023.
And so it was for the rich summer of events in San Bartolomeo ranging from music to cabaret, passing through tradition, cuisine, sports and health. Riviera time takes you to the top events.

The welcoming summer was the European Music Festival, which welcomed a crowd of people, tourists and others, to the Lungomare delle Nazioni. The FEM shows entertained the audience with the flower parade that colored the beach: street performers, including stilt walkers and acrobats, walked the promenade in their handmade flower-themed costumes. Which was followed by a long weekend of beauty, music, celebration and culinary specialties. On days devoted to numerous feasts for St. JohnThe ‘Golden Night welcomed hundreds of people who chose San Bartolomeo al Mare for an evening of fun and lightheartedness.
There was no shortage of nose-in-the-air demonstrations in one of his settlements, Chiappawhich saw over 60 people join an evening walk to discover the Galaxy with his astronomical observationsStellaria Association.
One of the flagships of San Bartolomeo is not to be missed: the International Instrumental Performance Competition Young talents‘ And ‘Golden Oak Award 2023”, now in its 34th edition. A parade of young musicians from around the world, ready to showcase their extraordinary talent and compete for musical glory saw victory Stefano Andreatta in the courtyard of the church Madonna delle Rovere.
With a successful trio, the ‘living room’ was also createdWords & Music‘. After the opening in a quartet with Bea Buozzi, Paolo Roversi And Charlie and Mark and the continuation with “Rockstar of physics”, Gabriella Graysonthe third and last guest, Cinzia Leone, was able to keep the audience in suspense until the end of the match. Another iconic event is M&T Festivala music and theater festival that characterized San Bartolomeo al Mare with a splash of performances throughout the first week of July.
August holidays with irony, lightness and a lot of laughter that the comedian saw Dario Vergasola fill Piazza Torre Santa Maria for its closure SanBart Cabaret.
According to tradition, San Bartolomeo al Mare was celebrated patron saint – San Bartolomeo Apostolo – with the solemn procession with the statue of the Saint through the streets of the city, “greeting to the sea” and final blessing, with the participation of Alassio Music Group and the fraternities invited by the parish. The celebrations ended with fireworks.
As for the evening entertainment, an appointment was made for the little ones Fairy tales to color by the seadevoted to reading and drawing, in Amphitheater area. Karaoke with the showman is not to be missed on Wednesdays (and not only). Paolo Bianco.
The Fiat 500 and derivatives produced from 1936 to 1975 then met to join the initiative to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Club 500 with a tourist tour of the valleys of the Gulf of Dianese.
The long-awaited sixty-fourth edition of Feast of San Matteo (location Molino del Fico) saw food and wine and dancing events, a petanque competition, children’s games and the traditional Divine Liturgy and Procession for the Patron Saint.

A summer at the beach with Top Kayak Asd, an important sporting reality in the area: the club offers kayak lessons aimed at children and adults, people with disabilities, group training and single or group excursions, always favoring outdoor activities. And also a summer that saw the contract for the work to install the new aqueduct pipe that will serve it Dianese bay and the completion of an important piece of the puzzle of the infrastructure projects that prepare the creation of the Tyrrhenian cycle route: his bridge through Rome which will become the cycle-pedestrian path over the main artery of San Bartolomeo al Mare.

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