The best tassel ball in the world – this is what it looks like

The cutting itself is not entirely simple. Given the enormous mass of wire around the corrugated core, the scissors must be something completely extra.

– We searched and tested to find a pair of scissors that can cut, and once the cut is finished, we need to have a string that can hold the ball together, which is not easy, explains Jeanette Kobilsek, owner and director by Stallyckan. .

The solution now will be special sewing scissors and steel wire. After an hour and a half of cutting, the pompom ball is hung and ready. It is located in front of the Stallyckan stable door.

The initiator summarizes

Although the finished balloon is impressive at 24 kilograms and 84 centimeters in diameter, it will not be an official world record as the Guinness Book of Records must be contacted before a record attempt begins.

Jeanette notes that it doesn’t do much. The tassel balloon was a good project for the participants, something that everyone could contribute to regardless of the circumstances.

Initiator Jonas Torstensson is also satisfied.

– This is the best masterpiece we have ever made here at Stallyckan. This is the most beautiful one I have ever seen, I don’t think even the king could make one like this. …Stallyckan simply did the best job in the world.

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