The body was shaking, the psyche creaked from the last. So the Czechs were the first to climb Sura Peak

Ales Vavra

06/19/2023 06:22

Marek Holeček and Matěj Bernát achieved great success in May. They were the first in the world to climb the difficult Himalayan peak Sura Peak, 6,764 meters high, by the route from the northwest. Discover the drama of Czech climbers through photos.

Sura Peak 2023, Marek Holecek, Matěj Bernat

Sura Peak 2023, Marek Holeček, Matěj Bernát | Photo: Marek Holecek

Nepal’s Sura Peak is among the most difficult, there are not many recorded ascents. In addition, the Czechs chose the pristine northwest face, which they conquered in the Alpine style.

“My steps were guided by the cone of the headlamp, and the stumble felt like a broken down robot. It lacked everything. The tongue hardened, longing for a drop of water. Legs like a rag doll, falling without control in a sea of ​​​​The mind had given up, already a few hours ago, because the rationality of all actions was a long time ago, ”Holeček described at the end of the demanding performance.

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