The car registered in Poland is still in the ditch



Reaching the responsible authority to talk to when an abandoned car is still there is a difficult problem to solve. The police don’t know anything, the landowner doesn’t know anything, but an individual was able to notify the Swedish transport administration. There, it was pacifier-

Reaching a police officer in Strömsund or Östersund is practically impossible in several contexts. People are reporting a van recovered from the ditches that is registered in Poland and still sits beside the road just north of Strand. On June 30, Affärsnytt Norr wrote about driving the ditch where two people were taken to hospital for treatment.

It’s been two weeks the incident happened, the police cordoned off the car, but it is still on the side of the road in the ditch. Now individuals are upset that he is still around. Here, passing cars brake because they naturally react to the car lying in the ditch and very torn. True, it was recorded, but still. The Strömsund police cannot be reached, the owner does not know anything, but an individual who lives next to the scene of the accident and often walks the dog says “to call the Swedish transport administration”. So it happened and here is their response.

Daniel Mossberg who is a traffic informant We reach the Swedish transport administration and he can give an answer:, and gets upset that the car is still there after two weeks.

– Is the car still there? It is absolutely not good that he is still there after two weeks. I’ll take care of it right away so the car can go. There must have been a misunderstanding here because we have to get a police report when something like this happens. I totally understand people reacting and thinking it looks bad, but it’s mostly a traffic hazard when cars brake and want to see what happened. But I will pass the baton and hope that the car will be removed immediately.

Northern economic news will continue monitor what will be done and when. In the first place, it is the owner of the car who is responsible for the removal of the car, but in this case it is Polish and it is difficult to know how the owner behaves. Then the case is handed over to the Swedish Transport Administration, as the car has to be removed.

“When the car is taped, it means the police have passed by, they have gone through the car and there is no one in it, so they mark the car with the plastic police tape”.

Text and photo: Barbro Ericson