The city of children and teenagers: the museum of experience dedicated to the 5 senses under the Aquarium of Genoa

Liguria has always been a seaside destination for many people from the Brianza region. Proximity, beautiful sea, good food and equipped beaches have always been elements of tourist attraction for loins (and otherwise, obviously). However, if you’re looking for a valid alternative to a sun-kissed beach day, we have the right solution for you: a trip out of the city with the kids to Liguria! If your first thought was theAquarium of Genoa, you came close. Because right below one of the most famous museums in the Liguria region, an exciting surprise awaits young and old. We are talking about “The city of children and teenagers“, L’revolutionary experience museum dedicated to the discovery of the five senses. An exhibition space of more than two thousand square meters with more than 40 installations, this museum promises a unique educational experience.

The city of children and teenagers, the museum of experience in Genoa

A collaboration between Costa Edutainment, Ancient port of Genoa And Filmmaster Events gave birth to this new gem of interactive learning. The City of Children and Youth emerges as the first experience museum in Italy dedicated to the 5 senses. Located directly below the impressive Aquarium of Genoa, this space offers the opportunity for an unprecedented sensory journey, aimed at children and adolescents from 2 to 12 years oldin the company of accompanying adults.

Exploring the 5 senses, here’s what to do at the museum

Visitors to the museum will be welcomed in different spaces, each designed to explore a specific sensation. From auditory sounds to tactile senses, from tastes and smells to the visual world, each area hosts interactive installations adapted to different age groups. There will be attractions dedicated to younger people, such as the “Splash” area is intended for children aged 2 to 4 yearswhere they can learn and play in a safe environment.

It is a special attraction the “House under Construction”, a construction site designed for children aged 3 to 5 years;, which involves them in the building process and reveals the secrets of building. This initiative is part of a framework of awareness for a sustainable city. In addition to sensory experiences, the museum also offers educational spaces for school workshops, birthday parties and private events.

The museum of experience suitable for the whole family

The City of Children and Teenagers is presented as a place of meeting and discovery for families, creating a shared experience between parents and children. The aim is to transform the role of the parent from a mere caregiver to an active participant in learning. An innovative aspect is that many of the facilities, with the exception of those in the “Splash” and “House under Construction” areas, can be enjoyed by adults without weight or height restrictions.

This new learning landscape engages the senses to impart knowledge and enjoyment, fostering a lifelong learning process in young people. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, La Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi embraces a modern and colorful vision, offering an authentic experience that can be further explored online.

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