The current top league footballer has announced he is gay. I want to inspire others, he said

Australian footballer Josh Cavallo has announced he is gay. The 21-year-old Adelaide United defender made him the world’s first major league player.

“Hi everyone. This is Josh Cavallo. I am at home in Adelaide and there is something personal that I want to share with everyone. I am a footballer and I am gay,” the footballer said in a commentary. video titled “Josh’s Truth” posted by his club and it was also picked up by AP agency.

“When I was growing up I always felt the need to hide who I was because I was ashamed. I thought I could never do what I love being gay. I hid who I really am. to make my childhood dream come true. “All I wanted was to play football and be treated equally,” said a Melbourne native.

Cavallo decided to come out because he was fed up with trying to play as well as possible while still leading a double life. “It’s exhausting. It’s something I don’t want anyone to experience. I thought people would think differently from me when they found out about me, that they would treat me differently. That they would say ugly things to me. my subject. But that’s not true, “says the footballer.

Cavalla was pleasantly surprised by the reaction from the surroundings, his family, teammates and coaches, and he also felt he had earned respect. “The response and support I have received is tremendous. It made me wonder why I hid it for so long… I want to inspire and show people that it is okay to be yourself and to play soccer. I want to show everyone else “who’s to fight and be afraid. Be yourself, not someone else, ”says Cavallo.

“I’m delighted to show everyone Josh Cavallo, to show the real Josh Cavallo. I’m Josh Cavallo. I’m a footballer and I’m proud to be gay,” concludes his personal confession to a player preparing for the new year of the Australian A League.

They also noticed the changes in their partner in the club. “Before Josh spoke to me, it was clear that he was living with incredible tension and unimaginable pain. When you see Josh today, with the weight lifted from his hips, it fills me with pride at how he’s brave, ”said Ross Aloisi, Adelaide’s assistant coach. .

Club boss Nathan Kosmina and coach Carl Veart have expressed the same opinion, as have team-mates Ben Halloran. “It’s sad that in the world of sports a man is still very rarely determined to go out,” said Halloran.

FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin and FC Liverpool also sent their support via their Twitter accounts. “We are proud of your sincerity and bravery. You never go alone,” Liverpool recalled the words, which have their iconic anthems in the title.

The subject of homosexuality remains mostly taboo in football at the highest level. Two years ago, according to UK media reports, the star of a certain Premier League team was on the verge of leaving but under pressure from club management she gave up.

German footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger, a former Aston Villa, Stuttgart, Lazio, West Ham and Everton player, for example, publicly declared his homosexuality, but he did so only after his term had ended. career.

American footballer Robbie Rogers did the same when he ended his career in 2013. However, the former England footballer from Leeds then returned to the lawns, even winning the MLS league overseas with Los Angeles. Galaxy and became the first gay athlete to win a major tournament. title. competes in the United States.

Andrew Brennan proposed coming out to Australia in 2019, making him the first footballer still active. By this time, however, he was already playing the second highest competition.

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