The Dancing House celebrates its 25th anniversary since its opening. The technical background will be made available to the public

On Sunday June 20, the Dancing House will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its opening. On this occasion, the technical background of the building, still inaccessible to the public, will be opened. At the same time, the Dancing House will be symbolically illuminated in green for 25 days.

Pumping system in the background of the Dancing House.

Photo: News

“For this anniversary, we are opening a technical circuit where you will be able to see the technical background and the inaccessible standard spaces. On the second floor minus you will see a pumping station, boilers, a distribution system, air conditioning, which powers the whole dancing house. It does not have a separate heating system. Everything is done here with the help of air conditioning, ”describes the exhibition, Dancing House gallery director Robert Vůjtek.

The unique house, named after the iconic dancing couple Ginger and Fred, located in Prague on Rašínovo nábřeží, was designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić. It is one of the most photographed buildings in Prague.

“On the lower ground floor, you can see the courtyard and a view of the interior part of the Dancing House building, which has never been opened. You will see how the Dancing House was built, it was divided into 99 separate concrete panels. It was created using the first Katia electronic system ”, presents the director of the other parts of the exhibition.

Boiler room of the Dancing House

Photo: Archives of the Dancing House Gallery

Not many people know that former President Václav Havel, whose apartment was adjacent to the Dancing House, was also involved in the idea of ​​building the Dancing House.

“Václav Havel lived in the same house as Vlado Milunić, and one day they were standing on Václav Havel’s balcony, looking at the space created after the bombed-out house of 1945, wondering what could be built here. And Václav Havel has had such an idea that he would like to turn this breach into a multifunctional center that would be open to people, ”Vůjtek explained the story of the house.

From the top floor of the building is a very interesting view of the unique Glass Bar. Prague Castle, most of central Prague and the rooftops of Old Prague are in sight.

The first stone was laid in September 1994, the building was commissioned on June 20, 1996, 25 years this year. At first, the unusual modern building was inundated with criticism, but eventually it became one of the most popular buildings in Prague.

Since its creation, the Dancing House has been visited by around 3 million visitors, last year it was around 600,000 visitors.

The technical circuit is part of the Prague Decadent exhibition, the symbolic entrance fee is 25 crowns and can be visited from June 18 to October 3.

Frank Owen Gehry

American architect Frank Owen Gehry was born in Toronto, Canada and rose to fame primarily as an author of formally expressive buildings. Its most famous buildings include the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, United States. Gehry also has an academic career, is a professor at Columbia University in New York, as well as Yale.
In the Czech Republic, he is known as the co-author of the design of the Dancing House in Prague. The second author was Vlado Milunić.

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