THE DRAGON BUILDING: is the most beautiful mall in the world

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Born not long ago, Shopping malls have become part of city lifeI Am there is waiting for you on a big rainy day, they welcome you to the Christmas season when there is a rush for gifts, they are always ready to offer you a good breakfast, lunch or dinner and if you need something or need to make a gift you are sure to find it in the mall. Gradually, many other services have appeared in malls: games and entertainment venues, and some even host events. Then one wonders, among all these small towns gathered in one building, which are now everywhere, which will be the most beautiful?

THE DRAGON BUILDING: is the most beautiful mall in the world

# The Global Rli Award: the Oscar Mall goes to Slovenia

Contributors: @aleja_ljubljan
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The answer was given in London, at the awarding of the famous Global Rli Award. It was stressed at the ceremony how important shopping malls are now in creating trends and promoting brands and then the winner was announced. It is the Aleja in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the most beautiful shopping center in the worldFor Slovenia it was a big blow, because thanks to its building inspired by the imaginary dragon animal, it managed to get a significant recognition at home.

Aleja is located along the old route that, before the construction of the motorway, led from the capital to Bled. The Slovenian shopping center was awarded for althe level of service offer and the differentiated variety, but also for the excellent design and the creation of an experience attractive to visitors. In a time like this, it was also necessary to consider how much the mall appears on the internet and the cleanliness and hygiene of the mall.

# Shops, food, sports and entertainment in one building

Contributors: @aleja_ljubljan
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80 stores and over 6000 square meters of sports and leisure facilities on a green roofThis is what made Aleja win the Global Rli Award. In fact, Aleja is a multifunctional center that is not limited to offering basic shopping mall services such as retail, but rather wants to become a place where you can spend your free time doing sports and having fun. On the roof of the mall there is actually the so-called Aleja Sky, an area dedicated to sports and leisure.

# The dragon is the symbol of the city and the building

Contributors: @aleja_ljubljan
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But that is not all, why Aleja has a strong bond with one of those who is the symbol of the city of LjubljanaWe are talking about the dragon, which is recalled both inside the building and in its imposing architecture. The animal is found on the coat of arms of the city, but also on the outer cover of Aleja. The building, in fact, clearly designed in a modern way, has a facade reminiscent of a dragon scaleThe One alternation of colors and slides that won the Aleja Award for the best mall in the world.

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