the effects of technology on the environment and some solutions

On the occasion of the World Earth Day, scheduled for April 22, Swappie, e-commerce specializing in refurbished smartphones, shares a few data on the negative effects of technology on the environment. In addition, Swappie also offers some precautions to follow to save our planet.

Swappie sheds light on the effects of technology on the environment

Technology can have negative effects on the environment. Many circuits in electronic devices are made of precious metals and difficult to extract. In addition, the high frequency with which smartphones are changed can have a significant impact on the ecosystem. According to data revealed by Swappie, emissions caused by the smartphone manufacturing went to 125 megatons of CO2 equivalent per year (+ 730% compared to 10 years ago).

This value is equivalent to the CO2 produced by the electricity consumed in 22.7 million homes in one year or 289 million barrels of oil or 31.5 coal-fired power plants in operation for an entire year. The production of smartphones has a significant impact on the environment, much more than their use.

Technological waste

Then arises the question of technological waste which constitute the fastest growing waste stream in the world and recycling difficulties risk becoming an environmental problem. Swappie has also put together some tips to avoid creating tech waste. First, it is important take care of your devices, to avoid damage, e rethink your needs (many purchases are unnecessary). Then it is necessary recycle properly and buy smart, maybe focusing on the products certified reconditioned.

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