The elementary school of Rodari in Senigaleia does not stop in the summer

Four active PON modules for training proposals throughout June

Also this year elementary school of Rodari is close to the families of his pupils and students.

Thanks to funding from the Miur National Business Plan (PON), the school has the training proposals continued throughout June.

More than 80 students continued to animate with their voices, voices and laughter the garden, the multipurpose outdoor area, the green classroom, the gym and other educational facilities with which the complex is equipped and for a few days the tennis courts and its track the nearby Saline sports facility, followed by teachers and professionals who have offered their professionalism.

The Primary School of Rodari, a school complex green not only for its pedagogical orientation, but also for the specific context of the common green, has set as an ambitious goal the promotion of sports and education abroad, that is, all those pedagogical experiences characterized by active teaching that also take place in external environments and is based on the characteristics of the territory and the social context in which the school is located.

The PON units currently operating in the Rodari complex are:

At the Sports School
Workshops for recreational, motor and sports activities.
The proposed activities have the general goal of developing basic motor patterns and coordination skills through exercises, preparatory games and sports games (mini tennis, approach to certain track and field specialties, mini volleyball, badminton, handball, frisbee …)
Special Lecturer Romagnoli Marina
Teacher Christian Merli

Thespis’s basket …
… reached the garden and the school premises for a magical transfer to the theatrical world, allowing a heterogeneous group to be able to activate to experiment with new methods of communication-expression that stimulate creativity, personal development and socialization based on cooperation, sharing, self-esteem and others.
Landi Flora special teacher
Teacher Riccardi Veronica

Dance Dance
“Balla Balla” focuses on world dances and international toy dances.
Through the playful aspect, teamwork, integration, respect for rules and psychomotor activity will be encouraged. During the workshop, participants will be able to play unusual musical instruments from around the world with direct experiences of self-making using recycled material. So music will be the common thread that will take children on a journey around the world between the history of cultures, geography and entertainment.
Special Teacher Donninelli Danilo
Teacher Gaetano Rosa

The English we like
The foreign language meets play, motor skills, creativity. The course aimed to broaden students’ receptive and productive language skills in a fun and stimulating context.
Special Teacher Giacomo Patrignani
Professor Mastantuono Maria

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