The Endless Christmas – Kanali 6

By Nikos Katsaros

Although we are two months away from Christmas, I saw the first decorations yesterday. Usually decorating is done early in shops for commercial reasons, but what I saw decorated was not a shop, but a house. A house, only looking forward to feeling this Christmas happening, crammed in between other houses. Houses strictly delineated by their strict vertical and horizontal lines and immersed in their industrial hazy colors.

Okay, you’ll be telling me an exaggeration. Decorate from now on. I’ll tell you optimism (?). If you think about it, we’re talking about people making longer-term plans than the days we go through allow us to.

We have a pandemic. We still have it. He’s not gone. Don’t look where we turn away from the other and pretend we don’t know her. In a slightly dramatized version of what we live in, it’s considered slightly too optimistic to think we’ll miss Christmas again this year. Or at least as we know it. Another lockdown, another outbreak of cases, a new fullness of ICs, a double-digit number of casualties. He doesn’t want much.

So on one reading, these people can be considered from graphic to overly optimistic. But is there anything else to read because I don’t like it? Of course. But I’m not sure if you like the other reading as well.

And this reading arises when we understand that for some people the holidays have a special semiology. That they are a plank in a hazy dark ocean of everyday life.

Then imagine that the year is a common thread, starting on January 1 and ending on December 31. And imagine, too, that occasional celebrations and escape opportunities are the bright spots in the otherwise depressing gray line of time. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, summer vacation, this Halloween that has recently come into our lives and everything else that everyone considers a “party”.

So if he succeeds in prolonging this body of joy and emotional stimulation, if he succeeds in changing it from a body in broad strokes, then he is simply tricked into using a harmless trick. He is misled into living a happy, colorful life.

So it is not necessary that someone who decorates before has no sense of time. Nor that he lives in a parallel microcosm without any problems. He may just be someone whose problems, everyday life, loneliness are (maybe) circumstances he doesn’t have the resources for.

Perhaps he is a man who is caught from ship to ship over time in order to survive as long as possible.

That’s why I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS from now until March and if you wish my dear, stretch your colored dot even more. And if you want, we can shoot with you.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Channel 6.

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