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SOUSSA – Castle of Adelaide of Susa: events in August between theatre, art and mystery (Press Release Castello Susa).


In August, his appointment calendar Adelaide Castle continues to be very intense. Anna Branciari’s exhibition will remain in the halls of the Segusino mansion until Sunday, August 21. A selection of the representative works of the painter’s artistic development through the unmistakable colors and soft but decisive lines. To the normal opening hours of the castle, from Friday to Sunday from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 18, the extraordinary opening of the exhibition on Tuesdays from 10 to 12 has been added in order to ensure greater usability of the exhibition. Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 6 pm.


On Saturday August 6 at 17.30 Gianni Oliva will be a guest at the exhibition presenting his latest book. On Saturday August 27 at 6 pm the collective art exhibition of his works Bussoleno school of painting and drawing “Art and Arts” in which the recent works of the students of the courses will be exhibited. Slight variation on the muscle awakening appointments which is interrupted for the week of August and will resume on Saturday 20. Silvia Ferrarini will lead the meetings on August 6 and 20, always with appointments at 8.00 in the Castle courtyard, while on Saturday 27, Francesca Bianchi will be waiting for you for the lesson.


Series of animated visits at night to the Castle and its collections. It will be unknown what awaits you inside the silent castle … history, mystery, ghosts, fear, fun. Everything in your head can appear within its walls. An amazing walk through the halls of a castle where, while discovering the history of the structure and its collections, we will meet a professor of the occult. The only limit: your courage, your curiosity. The departure of the visits will be at 9 pm and 10.30 pm from the Castle publishing house.


On Friday 26 August at 21.00 the performance “Il Re delle Alpini” by Alberto Barbie will go up to a national preview. Walter Bonatti nicknamed “the king of the Alps” it was one of the most prominent forms of world mountaineering. In addition to being a mountaineer and mountain guide, he was the author of books and numerous reports on the most inaccessible areas of the world, many of them as an explorer emissary for the weekly Epoca. The human and true story of a controversial character who after a long time saw the truth emerge about the tragic story that covered him for a long time, narrated by the voice of Alberto Barbi who decides to close his trilogy of monologues dedicated to sports with this figure , in sports made by human figures, not champions.


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