The expert’s unexpected advice: Annie Lööf could become prime minister

Two seemingly scattered alliances appear to be available after the government crisis.

If Stefan Löfven succeeds in mediating the peace between C and V, he will be able to obtain a majority for a government with C and MP.

Ulf Kristersson has another knot to untie. At present, he does not have a mandate to form a government with L and KD with the support of SD. The current constellation has only 174 of the 175 seats required to secure a majority in the Riksdag.

The advice: Annie Lööf controls herself

In this situation, a new alternative opens up: a Sweden led only by the Center Party – with Annie Lööf as Prime Minister. In this case, it would be a repeat of the solution of 1978 – when Ola Ullsten of the then People’s Party seized power for a year before the elections.

– She’s number two on my list of likely candidates for prime minister. This is not unlikely, says political scientist Johan Hellström, who studies government training at Umeå University.

“L will never back down”

He sees that Löfven would call a byelection early next week as incredible.

It would be a huge chance for Löfven to announce a by-election this week. The result is unlikely to change the parliamentary situation and from Löfven’s point of view, in the worst case, SD, M and KD could get their own majority.

In the event of a by-election, L risks leaving the Riksdag. How can this affect?

– As it is, it does not affect much. It’s so even and the public has so little support, but it’s clear that the two percent L should get may be wasted votes.

The savages are unlikely to decide

The extremely homogeneous situation means that the distribution of seats can change during a vote of the Prime Minister in the Riksdag. If one of the members goes against the party line – or if someone gets sick – it can tip public opinion one way or another at the last minute. But Johan Hellström thinks it’s amazing.

– The political savages who are in the Riksdag today have a known color and there is a compensation system that hits if someone becomes seriously ill and cannot participate. Most indications are that the balance of power that exists today is what will apply.

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