The first “sports festival” in Robecchetto

Sport is health and a desire to be together in the countryside. In this spirit Saturday 21 May from 14:00 to 20:00 and Sunday 22 May from 10:00 to 20:00to Robecchetto with Indunothe first version of “Sports Festival”, With demonstrations and tests open to the public.

The event includes 33 sports associations and has territorial value because it has acquired its auspices The municipalities of Castano Primo, Cuggiono and Turbigoas well as its support “Panathlon Malpensa“, A famous international cultural association that promotes sports as an instrument of shaping and uplifting the individual and solidarity between men and peoples.

The activities will take place on Piazza Libertà, The Giardinone and the Sports Field. The program The full map of the car parks will be published on the website of the Municipality of Robecchetto con Induno and will be disseminated through social networks. Other local clubs will be participating and soft drink points will be guaranteed. There Pro Locothe link “Protagonist friends“, The link”Friends of the library“, The link”The little blue train “, The “Hiking team“Robecchetto with Induno and the local divisions of Avis and his Blue Cross immediately joined.

The municipal councilor of Sports and Recreation has been working for the organization of the “Festa dello Sport” since last February. Claudia Chiodiniin close synergy with the majority parent company Giacomo Bergamaski (Civitas).

“It’s an event that has a purpose to make known the various sports fields which can take place in the area, thanks to the sports clubs of Robecchetto con Induno and the three municipalities involved. “Citizens, young and old, will have the opportunity to watch outdoor sports, but mainly to take the test with the support of trainers,” explains Commissioner Chiodini.

Bergamaschi adds: “After two years of pandemic-related restrictions, a wonderful outdoor party has been organized, which also wants to an opportunity to get together to spend hours together in the name of sports and fun“.

The Sports Festival is addressed to all citizens and especially to families with children. You can test your strengths in various disciplines, such as: football, karate, boxing, table tennis, subbuteo, chess, dance, yoga, basketball.

On Sunday, May 22, the event will end with a award ceremonywhich will be preceded by his report Majorettes of the Pro Patria Bustese Twirling.

The “Panathlon La Malpensa” club, in addition to providing part of the prizes, will deliver to the athletes a parchment for “fair play” in the world of sports: rules dictated by a code of conduct that puts self-respect and others first, as well as the ideals of friendship and sportsmanship.

At the ceremony, among others, will be awarded: the Students (2006) the Ticinia football team that won the championship. the Paralympic champion Riccardo Cardani (snowboard)? the world champion Christian De Dionigi and the Italian champion Paolo Ronga (both Extreme Slalom kayaks). the Italian dance champions Chiara Scalvi And Fabrizio Baggi. On Sunday afternoon, the first team of Ticinia will play a match playoff.

“There is a lot of anticipation for the first edition of the Festa dello Sport. – admits the mayor of Robetco Giorgio Braga – The hope is that at the weekend many athletes and entire families of Robecchetto, Castano Primo, Cuggiono and Turbigo, decide to participate en masse in the three large venues that have been set up in our country for this great event. All this to socialize, to have fun in the countryside, to try different sports “.

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