The heroes of Arapitsa, parts in Three River and Halloween with the clarinets, early in Meliki

By Vassilis Alaborinou

The 4th match of the A’ category of Imathia was played. He had fair divisions, logical victories and surprises accompanied by symphony orchestras of wind instruments. The bosses had everything! Let’s also comment as his fans amateur football, the highly interesting bunches that kept the fans in suspense.

• King Philippe of Meliki – The Kopanos FC 2-3! The king bowed… The king lost… The king didn’t get a single point! The big surprise of the match. Air at first, reshuffles a little later, then fresh breath, but the result is the same… Great hardship for Meliki, as the fighting Kopanos managed to get double and now reached 6 points, looking to the future with optimism.

• Mon Koolora FC – Village of Roses 0-1. The historic Kouloura is now in a difficult position, near the scoreboard row, as if although the kiln was baked, customers did not get into the kiln! On the contrary, the village of Naoussa on wheels, the homeland of Slash and Axl Rose, stormed into the stadium, sang the beautiful October Rain, played in their solarium and achieved the coveted result of victory. Their dream? To make Rodochori Paradise City sing!

• 3River Star – Agkathia’s victory 1-1. A major derby took place at Old Trimotamord. Asteras and Niki Agathias shared points and impressions. The Knights of Agathia remained 2nd in the standings and the Stars of Tripotamos moved up to 3rd, but in a draw with Agia Marina and Kopano. Great battle to get out of the living rooms!

• Heroic City of Naoussa FC – Alexander the Great of Saint Marina 1-0. The heroes of Arapitsa and Koulouki welcomed the armada of Alexander the Great. An armada that brings terror and gets what it wants. However, Naoussa’s superheroes, practiced 4 in 4, are 1st with 12 points and level everyone who comes their way!

• Axthos Rats FC – Long Village 1-1. Ahthos tries …. Ahthos however remains last with 2 points, together with …. the injured and ravaged Filippos. Makrochori took another point, in a tricky and gunpowder-smoked chair asking for points and standing in the middle of the score. Arouris has a hard time and falls with the cheese in the lens.

The next 5th match includes the games Rodochori-Naoussa, Makrochori – Kouloura, but it also has 3 unprecedented matches that will rock ovulation up and down if there are disturbances… Wait a minute! Agia Marina- Agathia, Meliki- Achthos and the ultimate challenge Kopanos – Tripotamos, where the winner leaves the other behind! This and the crowds in Prime Minister Imathia’s stadiums continue.

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