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I am doing smart work it’s a great opportunity: being able to work from wherever you want, you have the ability to head to distant paradises and therefore give yourself time to visit new places. For this reason Coverflexa corporate wellness startup, decided to conduct a study to find out the 5 best islands for smart work

The first four islands

In identifying the 5 best islands on which to do smart work, the startup took into account some elements that, for this practice, are fundamental: the necessary tools and connection and the ability to gradually return to the routine, participate in meetings and respond in email (but with sea view).

The first island to emerge is Malta, which has long been considered the home of those who can work remotely. This strip of European land is immersed in the wonders of the Mediterranean and has the advantage of being easily accessible from our country.

But this aspect was not the only one that made it one of the 5 best islands for smart work. Malta, in fact, offers a fascinating mix of history, culture, entertainment and breathtaking scenery. In addition, it offers a ceffective internet connection and the ability to use both co-working spaces and short-term and long-term accommodation.

Wild Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, also appears on this list. Blessed with a subtropical climate, it is a veritable succession of magnificent national parks, heavenly beaches and rich culture.

There the internet connection is excellent, as it has modern infrastructure and affordable accommodation. But even Tenerife is no stranger to travelers who can do smart tasks: according to data from Nomad Listthe Canary Islands welcomed more than 45,800 remote workers in 2022.

Also perfect for this type of experience is beautiful and colorful Madeira, Portugal. Bathed by the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira captivates all its visitors with its natural riches, volcanic landscapes, thundering waterfalls, forests and soul-stirring panoramas.

Among other things, there are several modern infrastructures, one good internet connection and a pleasant (and also typical) relaxed Portuguese atmosphere, which is ideal for combining work and rest. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first “digital nomad village” was born right here, a place where digital nomads meet and have access to common activities and spaces.

Let us now fly much further: a Koh Phangan, colorful island of Thailand. Famous above all for its entertainment and nightlife, it’s an exciting strip of land that also offers a quieter and more peaceful side, so it’s also suitable for telecommuters.

With various tourist facilities and quaint cafes that come to life among coconut palms, it offers enchanting beaches and stable internet connections.

There is also an Italian island

The first big surprise of this study is that among the 5 best islands in the world where you can work remotely there is also an Italian wonder: Elba. This means that this Tuscan island, in recent years, has been able to renew itself and become (also) an ideal destination for Italian and non-Italian remote workers.

In fact, there are many shops that have implemented internet connection, including cottages, cafes and beach bars. To play in favor of this local angle are its dimensions, as well as the frequent and effective connections. The mild climate and the many possible activities from the sea, hiking and cycling routes for the more sporty are also excellent.

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