The largest flower in the world in Bonn: Titan Arum blooms in the Botanical Garden – Rhineland – Nachrichten

Rare spectacle

The first of the two plants is now 1.70 m high, the second towers on them by one meter. Slowly the petals flutter around the central flower bulb. Plants produce only one new flower every two to three years. The tuber from which titanium is made can live up to 20 years.

The smell of fish attracts insects

As soon as the petal opens more than one meter high around the flower bulb, a strong smell of meat emerges from inside the calyx. It stinks like hell. Especially in the evening and at night, this rotten smell becomes so strong that you can smell it from a few meters away. For this reason, titan arum is also called “corpse flower” in Sumatra native. The scent attracts beetles and insects, which lay their eggs in the calyx and fertilize the flowers at the same time

Long story titan arum at Bonn

A titanium flower first bloomed in 1937 at the Bonn Botanical Garden. The plant has been one of the Botanic Gardens’ public attractions since the 1990s. In 1996, 20,000 visitors came to the greenhouse because of the flowering titanium, which, with 28 degrees Celsius and 90% humidity, offers ideal conditions for the titan arum to grow up

World record in Bonn

In 2013 it was 3.20 Μ the tallest flower of a titanic fragrance ever measured in a crop. This year, guests can watch the spectacle only with a camera in the Botanical Garden. The greenhouses will remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

here goes to the live stream.

Kiosk: 26.05.2021, 18:03

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